One Thousand Gifts

I was inspired and challenged by the book, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, to make a list of one thousand things I'm thankful for.

It's about really paying attention to the day and being thankful for the gifts God sends our way.  Everything from the obvious (my family) to the not so obvious (the alarm clock that works when I really need it to).  It's about living a life of gratitude and transforming my mind to be more positive and focused on what is good. God is in the details and the small stuff and they are just as important as the big stuff.

1.  people who inspire and challenge me
2.  the new year and all the promise it holds
3.  tinkling bells on the Christmas tree when Annie runs past and brushes against it
4.  seeing life through the eyes of a 5 year old
5.  comforting traditions
6.  just enough snow
7.  the first cup of tea in the morning
8.  a daughter's love
9.  warm clothes
10.  sparkly icicles
11.  pops of red berries in the midst of drab winter
12.  lessons learned
13.  the desire to create
14.  a toasty warm home
15.  soup in the crock pot
16.  sunshine on a cold day
17.  belly laughs
18.  learning new skills
19.  warmer temperatures
20.  music you just can't help but dance to
21.  watching Erin and Shylee interact
22.  a nap on a gloomy rainy afternoon
23.  playing with the camera again
24.  being a Grandma
25.  a visit from my girls
26.  my sister's new job less than 2 hours away
27.  a pain free day
28.  a movie and dinner with Michael
29.  a picture perfect day today
30.  phone call from my mama
31.  my blue eyes
32.  aha moments
33.  light under the kitchen cabinet
34.  Erin's thoughtfulness
35.  snow day
36.  playing Scrabble on FB
37.  light in the darkness
38.  a project completed
39.  new projects to start
40.  celebrating 35 married years
41.  emerald surprise
42.  feeling good
43.  Shylee's joyfulness
44.  warm clothes
45.  the electric blanket
46.  getting outside
47.  feeling alive
48.  watching snow fall
49.  making the right decision
50.  a truly delightful weekend with Shylee
51.  the luxury of time
52.  signs of spring
53.  warm sunshine
54.  fresh air
55.  sister time
56.  looking up to see a sunset
57.  watching the Olympics
58.  happy mail
59.  thick warm soft socks
60.  beautiful floral fabric
61.  my sewing room
62.  feeling inspired
63.  family willing to help
64.  family and friends safe after crazy weather
65.  sleeping in
66.  a spring like day in February
67.  watching Shylee run and play
68.  feeling hopeful
69.  getting back into sewing
70.  finding shoes that fit
71.  bonding with Shylee
72.  accepting what I can't change
73.  unconditional love
74.  feeling safe and secure
75.  lotion
76.  blue sky
77.  March
78.  weekends
79.  melting snow
78.  weekends
79.  melting snow
80.  creating for Shylee
81.  shopping with Erin
82.  good dreams
83.  protection from the crazy wind
84.  another doctor visit done
85.  checking things off the to do list
86.  the promise of spring
87.  eating dinner while it's still daylight
88.  persevering when it would have been easy to give up
89.  having a hard conversation that wasn't so hard
90.  so many wonderful blogs to read every day
91.  happy tears
92.  happy emails from Sean
93.  a wonderful week with Erin and Shylee
94.  pretty pink flowers
95.  the power of prayer
96.  the blooming flowers and trees
97.  running errands without a coat on
98.  a new great nephew
99.  wisdom
100.  Shylee's sixth birthday
101.  chocolate birthday cake
102.  making memories
103. still celebrating
104.  perfect spring days
105.  a week with my girls
106.  listening to Shylee read stories
107.  seeing more signs of spring each day
108.  using my phone for discounts at stores
109.  tea parties
110.  Easter
111.  forgiveness and redemption
112.  spring
113.  people who make me laugh
114.  memories triggered in unexpected ways
115.  an impromptu date night
116.  sleeping with the window open
117.  the rain stopped
118.  the green of spring
119.  beautiful color everywhere you look
120.  spring - I know I said that before but I am truly thankful for the new life sprouting and unfurling all around me
121.  a day spent with my sister
122.  Shylee's Frozen birthday party
123.  chocolate cupcakes
124.  the busyness of preparing for a fun weekend
125.  finding something I thought was lost
126.  feeling productive
127.  family
128.  squeals of delight from Shylee
129.  hugs from Sean
130.  sister time
131.  being a grandma
132.  cake and ice cream
133.  ordering shoes on the internet and they fit
134.  fresh cut grass
135.  making plans for summer
136.  working in the sewing room again
137.  blue skies with wispy clouds
138.  seeing Shylee graduate from kindergarten
139.  Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Grease
140.  hours and hours of daylight
141.  summer
142.  blue skies with puffy white clouds
143.  my Daddy
144.  the Father that Michael is
145.  teachers who teach well
146.  forgiveness
147.  cooling afternoon rain
148.  fresh summer fruit
149.  the farmer's market
150.  watching sailboats on the river
151.  fresh cut grass
152.  butter pecan ice cream
153.  this great country
154.  freedom
155.  happy news from Sean
156.  the silliness of a 6 year old
157.  playing with my camera
158.  an ice cold drink that quenches thirst
159.  the cooling breeze on a hot humid afternoon
160.  sunshine on my face
161.  weekends
162.  getting healthy
163.  finding an unexpected treasure
164.  lunch with Erin on the water
165.  looking through old photographs and reminiscing
166.  feeling good
167.  watching a good movie
168.  physical therapy that is working
169.  new sunglasses
170.  new glasses
171.  a diabetes supportive group that is encouraging and (gasp) supportive
172.  realizing I'm not alone in my struggles
173.  making progress in physical therapy
174.  cool crisp days of fall
175.  reconnecting with an old friend
176.  high tea at the tea room
177.  chocolate strawberry tea
178.  spending 3 weeks with Erin and Shylee
179.  helping with first grade homework
180.  orange scones and butternut squash soup
181.  my thoughtful husband
182.  another successful book for my friend
183.  fall
184.  cruise control
185.  happy mail
186.  handmade art
187.  a friend who gets me
188.  getting a doctor appointment a week out instead of 3 months
189.  good days
190.  being a grandma
191.  pure joy and excitement
192.  health insurance
193.  old movies
194.  new movies
195.  sunshiny days
196.  phone conversations with Shylee
197.  seeing my children happy
198.  answered prayer
199.  a husband who enjoys cooking
200.  anticipation of Christmas
201.  Shylee's willingness to 'help'
202.  twinkly lights
203.  memories from old ornaments
204.  road trips
205.  Christmas with Mama and Daddy
206.  family.  always
207.  unexpected surprises
208.  the boyhood stories Daddy tells
209.  my own bed and pillow
210.  getting back in a routine
211.  the promise of a new year
212.  feeling relaxed and un-stressed
213.  Annie's 3 greeting after 3 weeks


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