Monday, January 26, 2015

Photo A Day Week4

Day 19 - Homemade
When I think homemade, I think of food.  The description for today's prompt talked about things made by hand, so I went with handmade.  This is part of my grandmother's handmade quilt made into a pillow.

Day 20 - Window
I've always loved the windows at the Cafe des Artistes, a French inspired restaurant.  But then I'm a sucker for lace curtains and twinkle lights in any window.

Day 21 - In a row
Embroidery floss numbered and lined up in a row.

Day 22 - Collection
Just a small portion of our large collection of books.

Day 23 - Something far away
If you look close, you can see a water tower...very far away.  And believe it or not, this is a color picture.  It started snowing about five minutes after I snapped it.

Day 24 - Play time
This is my kind of play time.

Day 25 - Black and white
This guy had no problem posing for me.

I hope you have a great week!
xo Annette xo

231.  big fat snowflakes falling ever so slowly
232.  the end of Dr appointments for a few weeks
233.  quiet mornings
234.  cheaper gas

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Paying It Forward

Last year I signed up to participate in a pay it forward art making project with Kathy from Kluless. Kathy made me this beautiful journal and I made her this dish towel.  I knew she liked color, birds, old lace and buttons, so I went through my stash and found what I hoped would work together.  I took more photos of the details but they turned out too blurry.  It was a fun project.  I sure hope Kathy enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.  Have a great Wednesday!

xo Annette xo

226.  lunch dates with Michael
227.  Pinterest! 
228.  the crockpot
229.  an almost warm afternoon
230.  art making for another person

Monday, January 19, 2015

Photo A Day Week 3

I struggled with a couple of these prompts this week.  I was tempted to pull photos from the archives, but resisted the urge.

Day 12 - Bright
I spent the day trying to find something bright before I realized this candle was burning most of the day and the flame was quite bright.

Day 13 - Lucky number
I don't have a lucky number or even a favorite number.  I was truly stumped for this prompt.  I ended up taking an online quiz to determine my lucky number and it said 5.  On a different day, while I was out, I saw these 5 seagulls.  Maybe that was lucky?

Day 14 - New
This is the only prompt I knew right away what I would photograph.  My newest teacup from Erin.

Day 15 - Old
I've photographed this barn before.  It's one of my favorites in the area.

Day 16 - Nature
The sun shining on the water looked like sparkly diamonds.

Day 17 - Jump
I didn't know what to do.  Michael wouldn't jump for me, nor would Annie dog.  Shylee wasn't here but I had some great jumps of her in the archives.  But then I saw a picture of two old men playing checkers and got this idea.  Michael was willing for this kind of jump!

Day 18 - Today is...
Today is rainy, cold, dark, and dreary

I'm looking forward to this week's prompts.  Have a Marvelous Monday!

xo Annette xo

221.  feeling better than I have in a very long time
222.  chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache, and peanut butter cups
223.  dinner and a movie with my hubby
224.  TV remotes
225.  feeling happy

Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Doll Quilt

I realized that I never did show you the finished doll quilt I made for Shylee.  This is the first applique quilt I've made and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  For about three seconds, I considered keeping it for myself as a wall hanging, but Shylee knew it was for her!  I guess that means I have to make another one!

My favorite part is the tree trunk.  I love how it looks like real bark.  I also like the tiny buttons in the center of the flowers.  I didn't plan to use them, but when the flowers were done, they just needed something more.  This was such a fun project and Shylee was thrilled...and that made this grandma happy!

I hope you have a spectacular weekend!

xo Annette xo

215.  heaters that work
216.  shopping with my mom and sister
217.  happy reactions
218.  good reads
219.  hanging out at the bookstore
220.  a really yummy cinnamon chai scented candle

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Catching Up On One Thousand Gifts

I got behind with posting what I'm thankful for.  I've been writing them down but forgetting to include them in the blog posts.   Here we go...

196.  phone conversations with Shylee
197.  seeing my children happy
198.  answered prayer
199.  a husband who enjoys cooking
200.  anticipation of Christmas
201.  Shylee's willingness to "help"
202.  twinkly lights
203.  memories that old ornaments bring
204.  road trips
205.  Christmas with Mamma and Daddy
206.  family.  always.
207.  unexpected surprises
208.  the boyhood stories Daddy tells
209.  my own bed and pillow
210.  getting back in a routine
211.  feeling relaxed and un-stressed
212.  the promise of a new year
213.  Annie's greeting after 3 weeks
214.  having something to look forward to

What are you thankful for today?

Happy Wednesday!

xo Annette xo

Monday, January 12, 2015

Photo A Day Week 2

Day 5 - Square
One of five pillow ornaments

Day 6 - Round
Twig balls

Day 7 - Currently reading
Some of my favorite publications

Day 8 - Landscape
Yay for blue skies and sunshine!

Day 9 - Pattern
Never really paid attention to the tower before

Day 10 - Hello
Hello 30...not me, but Erin turned 30.  I officially feel old now that both of my kids are in their 30's

Day 11 - I see...
Six year old toes

It was fun having Erin and Shylee here for the prompts!  I hope the coming week is just as fun.  Have a marvelous Monday my friends!

xo Annette xo

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Photo A Day

One of the things I hope to accomplish in this new year is to learn photography and my camera.  Michael gave me a photography course I started and am loving, and I found another from A Beautiful Mess that I hope to take.   I was hoping to find a new photo challenge since Focus On Life has ended and I came across a photo a day challenge on Bron's blog Taylor Made.  The challenge actually comes from Fat Mum Slim.  There will be a list of prompts for a week at a time and I will share my photos when the week ends.  So here is the first week.

Day 1 ~ The Sky
I don't really remember what a blue sky and sunshine looks like.

Day 2 ~ Something Yellow
This little star just makes me happy.

Day 3 ~ Me Today

Day 4 ~ I Hear...
Bon Jovi, of course!

We'll see how this goes!
Have a great Thursday!
xo Annette xo

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Belated Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  I hope you were able to spend the holidays with those you love and that 2015 brings you lots of joy, happiness, laughter, and love.

We decided to go to Arkansas to spend Christmas with my family.  My mother asks me every year if we're coming and I felt like I needed to say yes this time.  One sister lives there and one sister lives in North Dakota and she was going to fly in.  I really wanted to give my mother a Christmas with all of us together since the last time was 1986!  It would have been great, but most everyone was sick and we never had the whole family together at once.  My sisters and I managed to be together long enough to take pictures the day after Christmas.

We still haven't had Christmas with Erin and Shylee.  But the tree and presents will be here when they are able to come.  It was just the strangest Christmas, but so glad to see my family!

Happy New Year!

xo Annette xo