Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Photo A Day

One of the things I hope to accomplish in this new year is to learn photography and my camera.  Michael gave me a photography course I started and am loving, and I found another from A Beautiful Mess that I hope to take.   I was hoping to find a new photo challenge since Focus On Life has ended and I came across a photo a day challenge on Bron's blog Taylor Made.  The challenge actually comes from Fat Mum Slim.  There will be a list of prompts for a week at a time and I will share my photos when the week ends.  So here is the first week.

Day 1 ~ The Sky
I don't really remember what a blue sky and sunshine looks like.

Day 2 ~ Something Yellow
This little star just makes me happy.

Day 3 ~ Me Today

Day 4 ~ I Hear...
Bon Jovi, of course!

We'll see how this goes!
Have a great Thursday!
xo Annette xo


  1. Great news that you found a new photography challenge because I always enjoy your photos. Bravo to you for taking such a good selfie. I have TRIED and no matter what I do, I always look totally twisted and perplexed - lol!

  2. A photo a day - that's quite a challenge! Good luck to you :)
    We have the same grey skies here too! The yellow star is so cute!
    Have a terrific 2015, Annette!

  3. Hi A. :)

    More power to you :)

    I Keep meaning to do one of the photo challenges but never get there for the start and OCD tendencies kick in, lol & I can't join once it has started :(

    Loving your photos and enjoy your course, I learn something new about photography every week and PS & PSP, I love post production work :)

    Look forward to more photos, cheers, T; )

  4. Well I know I could sure use a course on photography as I usually end up taking 10 times as many photos than I need because I have to delet about 80 percent of them. Usually they are so bad that even my limited Picasa photo editing cannot save them. :(

    The little star is cute and it made me smile also. :)


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