Friday, June 28, 2013

Focus On Life~Week26~?

We are half way through the year, and this week's prompt was to focus on whatever we wanted to!

I know this doesn't look very exciting, but to me it's like Christmas!  I'm working on a sewing room redo, and I can finally start working on the organizing and decorating.  The cabinets with glass doors are new and will hold my fabric.  I'll finally be able to see what I have!  There's lots of storage space in the other cabinets and there's even more that you can't see right now.  I want to have everything done so I can participate in this year's, "Where Bloggers Create 2013".   I also want to start sewing again.  I have a long list of projects to work on!

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I hope you have a fun filled weekend!

xo Annette xo

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday I share what I'm thankful for.  Sometimes it's a serious or big thing, and sometimes it's a goofy or small thing.  I believe that no matter what is going on in our lives, there is always something to be thankful for.  Always.

One of our nephews passed away yesterday.  It's just very sad and heartbreaking, but I'm thankful he was able to spend his last days with his family and that he went peacefully.  I'm thankful his family find peace and comfort in their faith.  God is good!

I'm also thankful for
     *  not having a job!  I'm still battling this virus and I probably would have been fired by now.
     *  my sewing room is ready to organize and decorate
     *  my new found distaste for diet coke.  Being sick has messed with my taste buds and I've been trying for ages to give up the soft drink.
What are you thankful for today?

Have a wonderful Thursday!

xo Annette xo

Friday, June 21, 2013

Focus On Life~Week 25~You Are_____!

This week give yourself the positive reinforcement that YOU deserve.  Take a moment to think about who you are, what makes YOU a wonderful person.  You finish this statement, "You are_____!"

My husband and granddaughter planted flower seeds in the early spring.  The seeds sprouted fairly quickly and Michael chose six seedlings to put in a flower pot.  Unfortunately, all but one of them died.  It looked sickly and I doubted it would make it.  With each passing day, it drooped a little more.  Then it started shriveling up.  In a last ditch effort to save it, I moved it to another spot on the patio.  Within a few days it had perked up and looked like it would make it after all.  It continued to grow and bush out and got it's first bud.  Shylee wasn't here to see it, but I was excited enough for both of us.  Then came a storm that blew all the plants around.  I found it upside down with half the dirt spilled.  We carefully picked it up and replanted it.  I was beyond thrilled when that bud bloomed last week!  It's not a perfect plant or flower.  There are tears and holes in the petals and leaves.  She shows signs of struggles and storms.  But she grows tall and strong, and more beautiful than ever because of all she's been through.

I am like that flower.  I've been through some tough times.  Times that I didn't know if I would make it.  Times when it would have been so easy to give up and give in.  I've weathered some storms that I wonder how I came through to the other side.  But I did.  And I am strong and beautiful because of it.

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xo Annette xo

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday I share what I'm thankful for.  Sometimes it's a serious or big thing, and sometimes it's a goofy or small thing.  I believe that no matter what is going on in our lives, there is always something to be thankful for.  Always.

We had a tornado a few days ago.  Well, a week ago today actually.  I had to go into the closet under the stairs.  As I sat there in the dark (the power went out) listening to the storm rage and praying like crazy, I couldn't help but think about the people of Oklahoma City and what they went through.  How scared they must have been!  I was scared and this was a tiny storm compared to what they experienced.   The tornado did not touch down in my neighborhood but it was only a few miles away.  There was a lot of tree damage and damage done by trees.  I'm thankful no one was hurt and that it wasn't worse than it was.  

I'm also thankful for
     *  tomatoes found in the yard.  The plants got blown around.
     *  my sense of taste.  It's finally back.
     *  my mobility
     *  funny videos that make me forget I feel bad
     *  everyone of you who take the time to read and comment on my little blog

What are you thankful for today?

Have a wonderful Thursday!

xo Annette xo

Monday, June 17, 2013

When You Can't Smell Or Taste Anything

For the past week, I've been sick.  A sinus infection, ear infection, conjunctivitis, fever, and sore throat have me down for the count.   I'm taking antibiotics for the infections and eye drops for the red and gunky eye.  And while I'm feeling slightly better today, I think I'll be having lingering effects for a while.

Today is the first time in four days that I've been able to smell or taste anything.  There are some pros and cons to that!

   *  I've lost weight.  Food looses it's appeal when you can't taste it.
   *  The grocery bill was significantly less
   *  Annie dog is gassy and I couldn't tell for four whole days
   *  There weren't a lot of dishes to do

   *  I couldn't smell the good things like Michael's coffee or my cinnamon tea
   *  Chocolate was flavorless.
   *  I mostly ate Lipton noodle soup and crackers because I could taste the salt
In my search for something I could taste, I discovered that even though I couldn't taste the flavor of food, I could taste if it was salty, sweet, or bitter.  I didn't try anything that I knew would be sour, but I probably could have tasted that too.  And even though I prefer sweets on a normal day, I chose salty time after time when I needed to eat something.  A sure sign that I'm sick!

One more observation...I really need to get a life!  It's pretty sad that I even thought about taking a picture of my soup so I could blog about being sick, because that is the only thing going on!  I'll have to work on that when I'm feeling better.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

xo Annette xo

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Focus On Life~Week 24~Green

This week we were to focus on green.  The color of balance, learning, growth and harmony.

What's not to love about green?  It makes me think of the outdoors and summertime!  And what's better than the green  of the garden, even if it is in containers on the patio?!





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Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

xo Annette xo

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for a quick visit with Sean and Marie.  He is living happily in Denver and I miss him, so even a quick visit is better than no visit at all!

I'm also thankful for
     *  the end of school because Shylee can spend more time with us
     *  finding jeans that fit
     *  the heavenly aroma of lavender
     *  coupons and free shipping
What are you thankful for today?

xo Annette xo