Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Photo A Day Week 17

Day 111 - This happened
Every time Shylee visits, this happens.

Day 112 - Season
Yay for spring!

Day 113 - Mess
Mess or lots of wishes?

Day 114 - Snack
I snack on these every day.

Day 115 - Fill the frame
More cherry blossoms.

Day 116 - I sat here
Watching Shylee play.

Day 117 - 4 o'clock
Collecting shells on the river beach.

Shylee has been visiting a lot this month.  We actually had a day without rain and could finally get out to play and take pictures.  It was such a perfect spring afternoon.

I hope you've had some perfect time outside recently.  It does wonders for what ails you!

Happy Wednesday!

xo Annette xo

299.  birds singing in the early morning
300.  cherry tree blossoms
301.  play days
302.  open windows
303.  the way the sun shines through the lace curtain, creating a lacy pattern on the opposite wall
304.  the Baltimore community coming together

Monday, April 20, 2015

Photo A Day Week 16

Day 104 - Paper
Our paper shredder died and the paper has been accumulating while I keep putting off buying a new one.

Day 105 - Up
The basketball hoop at the edge of our driveway.

Day 106 - Dinner
 I kept forgetting to take a picture before eating.  This is after dinner last night.

Day 107 - Where I work
You know what my sewing room looks like, so I chose the great outdoors for where I work with my camera.  This is the street behind my house.  It goes straight to the river.

Day 108 - An ordinary moment
It doesn't get much more ordinary than laundry.

Day 109 - Fluffy

Day 110 - Together
Erin and Shylee working on a school project together.

I'm getting better at remembering to take my camera everywhere and take photos regardless of what the prompt is.  While Shylee was here over the weekend, she kept asking if I needed to take a picture of whatever she was doing!

The one thing I couldn't photograph last week was my son Sean marrying his sweetheart, Marie.  They eloped (we knew they were going to) and we are very happy for them...just wish we could have been there!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

xo Annette xo
294.  hearing from an old friend
295.  buds on the cherry tree
296.  buds on the red bud tree
297.  clothes shopping with Shylee
298.  Sean got married!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ Wild Turkey In The Neighborhood

Happy Wednesday!

xo Annette xo

291.  the first sounds of lawnmowers 
292.  the smell of fresh cut grass
293.  being able to see the beauty all around

Monday, April 13, 2015

Photo A Day Week 15

Day 97 - A shape
This is the shape in my front door.

Day 98 - Beauty
Pink nails and stickers.  This is beauty to a seven year old.

Day 99 - Breakfast
Plain Greek yogurt mixed with crunchy peanut butter, splenda, and vanilla.

Day 100 - Inspired
Shylee received a drawing pad for her birthday and was inspired to draw Annie.

Day 101 - Dark
This is from the archives because I just kept forgetting to go out after dark.

Day 102 - This smells so good
Hot cinnamon spice tea.  It fills the whole house with a yummy cinnamon scent.  I drink it every day!

Day 103 - Something green
The new clock in my sewing room.

It was a whirlwind of a week having Shylee here during her spring break.  She turned seven and I'm still in denial that she is that old already.  We had a lot of fun and she kept me busy.  I'm recuperating today and trying to adjust to the quiet again.  I miss her!

xo Annette xo

285.  Shylee turned 7
286.  birthday cheesecake
287.  squeals of delight
288.  the cashier who took the time to explain the receipt and change to Shylee
289.  hearing Erin talk about the job she loves
290.  watching Shylee's creative side emerging and developing

Monday, April 6, 2015

Photo A Day Week 14

Day 90 - On my table
I could have cleaned it off and made it look pretty, but I'm keeping it real!

Day 91 - Two tone
The single hydrangea in the bouquet on the table.

Day 92 - Lunch

Day 93 - Building
Erin was driving me around the town she just moved to, and I spotted this little mausoleum in the back of a cemetery.  It moved me.

Day 94 - This is good
Getting up early to capture the sunrise.  This is good.

Day 94 - I stood here
I stood here on my front porch and watched the sun set.

Day 96 - Egg
A hand painted wooden egg from Poland.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.  This is the first Easter that there was no chocolate in the house, and I didn't even miss it!  It was also the first Easter that it was just Michael and I.  We missed having a houseful of chatter and laughter.

I hope you have a marvelous Monday!

xo Annette xo

281.  birthday shopping for Shylee
282.  planning birthday surprises
283.  the first spring thunderstorm
284.  sleeping with the window open

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Photo A Day Week 13

Day 83 - Too Much
Too much of a chance of being pooed on if you're standing under this many birds!

Day 84 - A treasure
This is a bowl where all the spare change gets thrown in.  Shylee calls it her treasure when she is visiting.

Day 85 - Half

Day 86 - I love
I love that it's spring.  I also love that these daffodils are blooming.  They were here when we bought the house eight years ago, and this is the first time they have bloomed.

Day 87 - Something white

Day 88 - Give
This little cutie gave me great pleasure for a few minutes when he stopped to say hello.

Day 89 - Zen
Anywhere by any water.  This is the St. Mary's River.

After three months of taking a picture every day, the thing I've learned is that the more pictures I take, the more I need to learn!  I've taken hundreds of photos and only a handful have turned out the way I wanted them to.  But I am truly enjoying the process.  I'm learning to take my time and be patient, to check the camera settings before taking the picture, and letting go of perfection.  I'm getting out of the house and meeting some interesting people on my outings.  It's been a good three months!

xo Annette xo

276.  spring
277.  blooming daffodils
278.  watching grandpa and granddaughter interact
279.  warm breezes
280.  conversations with strangers