Monday, April 20, 2015

Photo A Day Week 16

Day 104 - Paper
Our paper shredder died and the paper has been accumulating while I keep putting off buying a new one.

Day 105 - Up
The basketball hoop at the edge of our driveway.

Day 106 - Dinner
 I kept forgetting to take a picture before eating.  This is after dinner last night.

Day 107 - Where I work
You know what my sewing room looks like, so I chose the great outdoors for where I work with my camera.  This is the street behind my house.  It goes straight to the river.

Day 108 - An ordinary moment
It doesn't get much more ordinary than laundry.

Day 109 - Fluffy

Day 110 - Together
Erin and Shylee working on a school project together.

I'm getting better at remembering to take my camera everywhere and take photos regardless of what the prompt is.  While Shylee was here over the weekend, she kept asking if I needed to take a picture of whatever she was doing!

The one thing I couldn't photograph last week was my son Sean marrying his sweetheart, Marie.  They eloped (we knew they were going to) and we are very happy for them...just wish we could have been there!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

xo Annette xo
294.  hearing from an old friend
295.  buds on the cherry tree
296.  buds on the red bud tree
297.  clothes shopping with Shylee
298.  Sean got married!


  1. Congratulations to Sean and Marie! Love the cloud photo and working hands photo :)
    The street you live in is very picturesque!

  2. Beautiful images A. :)

    But don't get me started on shredding, lol :)

    Sorry, you were not able to attend Sean and Marie's wedding but I'm sure you are like me with my "kids' I say it is their lives to live, as long as we get together when we can and that they want to, is all that matters, right :)

    Wishing them well and a loving, long marriage :)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday, cheers, T. :)

  3. Day 106 made me chuckle, from the looks of the plates the meal must have been delicious . :)

    The view from the street behind your home is lovely, how nice to be so close to the river. Also the pop of yellow from the blooming forsythia shrubs creates pretty bursts of color.

    Last, but far from being least, congratulations to Sean and Marie. May they be forever healthy and happy, may all their difficulties be minor ones and may their love for one another only grow stronger with each passing year. Would have be wonderful if you could have been there, but they sound like two level headed people who, rather than spend a fortune on a big, pompous wedding, chose to have a simple, quiet and very affordable ceremony.
    I've learned that an expensive, fancy wedding does not insure a lasting marriage.

  4. Congratulations to Sean and Marie!!
    I love the picture of the clouds and the one of Erin and Shylee. That is a beautiful moment!


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