Monday, April 6, 2015

Photo A Day Week 14

Day 90 - On my table
I could have cleaned it off and made it look pretty, but I'm keeping it real!

Day 91 - Two tone
The single hydrangea in the bouquet on the table.

Day 92 - Lunch

Day 93 - Building
Erin was driving me around the town she just moved to, and I spotted this little mausoleum in the back of a cemetery.  It moved me.

Day 94 - This is good
Getting up early to capture the sunrise.  This is good.

Day 94 - I stood here
I stood here on my front porch and watched the sun set.

Day 96 - Egg
A hand painted wooden egg from Poland.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.  This is the first Easter that there was no chocolate in the house, and I didn't even miss it!  It was also the first Easter that it was just Michael and I.  We missed having a houseful of chatter and laughter.

I hope you have a marvelous Monday!

xo Annette xo

281.  birthday shopping for Shylee
282.  planning birthday surprises
283.  the first spring thunderstorm
284.  sleeping with the window open


  1. The sunrise as well as the sunset is simply gorgeous!!
    What a beautiful painted egg and I love the close up shot of the hydrangea :) Happy Easter Monday!

  2. no chocolate? I can find an occasion everyday for some - LOL. Beautiful wooden egg and gorgeous picture of the hydrangea!

  3. Wonderful photos Annette. The mausoleum is charming, looks like a tiny chapel.

    Lunch looks delicious. One thing I love about warmer weather is that it makes salads so desirable. When it's chilly outside, the body seems to want hearty meals like stews and dumplings and things that stick to ones ribs . . . not to mention the hips and the waistline. :D

  4. Great pics....our easter was a little quieter but sadly way too much chocolate.
    Love the sunset and the real table!!
    Happy Easter xx

  5. Wonderful Pictures! The sunsets are beautiful!

  6. Beautiful photos, as always, Annette! Are you still an early riser these days?

  7. I could look at sun rise and sunset photos all day. Yours turned out gorgeous!


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