Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Heart Macro

I didn't get to practice as much with the macro lens like I wanted to, but I did manage to get these shots of my granddaughter's little polar bear.   

You can tell how well loved he is in the close-ups!  It might not be pretty spring flowers but he was sure fun to work with!

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Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I Got A New Toy

Yes I did!  When I graduated from my point and shoot camera to a DSLR, I also wanted to get a macro lens but just couldn't afford both.  So I saved my pennies and finally ordered one.  It came earlier this week and I was able to go outside between rain showers and play with it a little bit yesterday.

I was surprised at how heavy it is.  It's hard to take a picture without shaking and that makes the pictures blurry.  The more macro the picture, the blurrier it was.  These were taken around my yard and are the least blurry of the bunch.

It's going to take some practice and getting used to, but I'm up for the challenge!

What have you found challenging recently?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm happy to get back to my regular Thursday post for several reasons.  First, because I've missed hearing what you are thankful for, and second because focusing on the positive helps keep me from dwelling on the negative.  Unfortunately, I found myself doing just that the last few months but not any more!

Today I'm especially grateful for spring.  It is and always has been my favorite season.  Even though we had an unusually warm winter, it was still brown and colorless.  I love, love, love the colors and smells of spring, and the way everything comes back to life.  It's hard to stay depressed when everywhere you look is color and life.

I'm also thankful for
     *  my daughter and her willingness to help
     *  books and how they transport me to another place and time
     *  morning snuggles from a four year old
     *  a good session at physical therapy
What are you thankful for today?

A Special Tea Party

One of my greatest pleasures is having a cup of tea.  The one thing that makes it as special as it can be is having a tea party with people who you enjoy being with the most.  So me, Erin and Shylee had a tea party and it was the most fun!

I couldn't wait til Shylee was old enough to have a real tea set and her fourth birthday this month was the opportunity I was waiting for to give her her first set.  Our little party had a Shylee sized teapot and cup while Erin and I used a teapot from my collection and a milk glass luncheon plate and cup set.

The finger sandwiches, spinach salad, mini cupcakes, and cookies were just perfect with the Constant Comment tea.

Shylee was just tickled to be having a real tea party, but I think I was more tickled to be sharing this first experience with her.  About half way through, she declared, "I like Gramma's house".  She couldn't have given this Gramma a better compliment!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Heart Macro

Is that a mouse in the crab apple tree?

Crab apple blossoms

I hope you're having a most wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Recovery Is Like A Roller Coaster Ride

Welcome back, friends!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  And thank you for the emails, Facebook messages and kind comments concerning my knee and my absence.  I have the very best blog friends and I so appreciate every one of you!

These last few weeks of recovery have felt like a roller coaster ride with so many ups and downs and highs and lows, and I'm ready to get off!  I've been going to physical therapy and I have definitely improved, but I'm still far from healed.  I do have days where I feel really good so I go to Target or the grocery store or the park and the next day I can barely walk, and it sets me back a week.   Even standing long enough to cook dinner will cause problems.   I guess after this happened over and over, I've finally realized I just have to take it easy whether I feel good or not.  It's just difficult because I thought I would be back to normal by now and I'm far from it.

My lowest point was last weekend when I had to miss Shylee's birthday party.  Erin planned a dragon, knights, and princess party with such incredible detail and handmade goodness.  I was so looking forward to it but I could barely walk and I knew I couldn't handle the two and a half hour drive each way.  It  broke this Grandma's heart to miss that party.

On the up side, Michael bought me an exercise bike which the doctor and physical therapist recommended I use.  It won't be here for another two weeks, but I'm looking forward to getting it and enjoying the benefits not only for my knee but for my overall health.  And, Shylee and her mama are on their way here to spend a couple of days with me.  Shylee helps take my mind off things for a little while which is just what I need!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Heart Macro

During Easter weekend, I was able to get out and take pictures for the first time since my knee surgery.  I took an obnoxious amount of pictures of our ornamental cherry tree!  Then today, after taking a week to recover from overdoing it last weekend, I went out and took some more!  My knee is letting me know about it this evening.  I got really excited today when I was able to get a shot of a bee on a dandelion.  I'ts not as macro as I wanted it to be, but my knee could take only so much squatting.

Well, I guess that's enough cherry blossoms for now.  I think that of all the flowering trees, this is my favorite!
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