Hi!  My name is Annette and I'm so happy you decided to stop by.

I am
     *  50 something
     *  Michael's wife
     *  Sean and Erin's mom
     *  Shylee's grandma
     *  quiet and a little shy
     *  obsessed infatuated with Jon Bon Jovi

I am happiest when
     *  spending time with family and friends
     *  sewing
     *  taking pictures
     *  listening to Bon Jovi
     *  traveling
     *  drooling strolling through a fabric shop
     *  the sun is shining
     *  driving fast

I struggle with
     *  type 2 diabetes
     *  making my hair do what it's supposed to
     *  loneliness
     *  depression
     *  remembering the words to songs
     *  finding the words to express myself

My favorite things
     *  the sound of children laughing
     *  homemade cookies hot out of the oven
     *  milk chocolate
     *  romantic comedies
     *  German riesling
     *  the color pink
     *  vintage linens, lace and buttons
     *  love letters from Michael
     *  road trips
     *  tea parties

When you visit So Many Memories, you will find I share about my everyday life.  By being honest about my feelings, struggles, hopes, and dreams, I hope to encourage and inspire others and make some friends along the way.

Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope you visit again real soon!

                                                         Annette XO