Monday, July 25, 2016


The days are quickly slipping away while I try (unsuccessfully) to stick to a routine and provide structure for Shylee.  I decided to stop trying so hard and let go of my self imposed "rules" for each day.  After all, it is summer.  And while routine and structure are good, so is being spontaneous or just being lazy for an hour.  While I may not be getting as much done as I wanted to, like blogging, I'm making memories with Shylee and that is far more important than anything else!

Continuing my thankful list
     ~ lessons learned
     ~ cool morning breezes on the porch
     ~ kind, caring, compassionate people during times of tragedy
     ~ meeting my newest great nephew for the first time
     ~ watching Shylee meet and play with cousins
     ~ gorgeous sunsets every night of the road trip
     ~ getting to see Sean and Marie in Arkansas
     ~ flowers in my mom's yard
     ~ beautiful mountain views