Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Special Tea Party

One of my greatest pleasures is having a cup of tea.  The one thing that makes it as special as it can be is having a tea party with people who you enjoy being with the most.  So me, Erin and Shylee had a tea party and it was the most fun!

I couldn't wait til Shylee was old enough to have a real tea set and her fourth birthday this month was the opportunity I was waiting for to give her her first set.  Our little party had a Shylee sized teapot and cup while Erin and I used a teapot from my collection and a milk glass luncheon plate and cup set.

The finger sandwiches, spinach salad, mini cupcakes, and cookies were just perfect with the Constant Comment tea.

Shylee was just tickled to be having a real tea party, but I think I was more tickled to be sharing this first experience with her.  About half way through, she declared, "I like Gramma's house".  She couldn't have given this Gramma a better compliment!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. OMG Love the tiny peanut butter sandwiches! So cute!!! After a long affair with coffee I've gone back to tea to lower my blood pressure - party on!

  2. What an adorable tea . . . fit for royalty; which come to think of it Shylee is truly a lovely little princess and would certainly be considered royalty. :)

  3. Awesome! I loved our tea party way back. :) Maybe I should bring my princess(es) to Mrs. Annette's house for a tea party one day!

  4. Annette, this is just the sweetest post. I just bet Shylee was over the moon getting to have a big-girl tea part with real girls!

  5. So sweet! That looks like an awesome tea party!

  6. What fun! The last photo is my favorite.

  7. Oh - LOVE!! How sweet for both of you. :-)

  8. OMG, that is just too adorable for words :)

    What a sweet Gramma you are :)

    I LOVE tea parties, can I come to tea next time? Pretty Please :)

    I have a teapot collection too!

    I inherited my Mom's collection and shipped them from England :)

    All our family love tea parties but I do tend to just go to the local Tea shop these days, so everyone can get their Brit Fix :)

    Happy Tea partying :) Cheers, T. :)

  9. Tea Parties are the best, especial with little cuties attending :) I found you at Grandma’s Briefs link party. Btw, my link party is still open if you would like to share there.

  10. Your tea party was fabulous! What little girl wouldn't love that and she has got the best smile!

  11. Shylee is so beautiful! And so are your photos of this lovely event. So easy to see why Shylee would declare her love for Gramma's house. Such a sweet tea party. You've made me want to have one of my own...AND a granddaughter to share it with!

    Thank you for linking up on my GRAND Social! I'm honored.

  12. Beautiful tea party and what a beautiful little lady to keep you company! Your photos capture your fun time so well. Thanks for sharing!


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