Thursday, April 2, 2015

Photo A Day Week 13

Day 83 - Too Much
Too much of a chance of being pooed on if you're standing under this many birds!

Day 84 - A treasure
This is a bowl where all the spare change gets thrown in.  Shylee calls it her treasure when she is visiting.

Day 85 - Half

Day 86 - I love
I love that it's spring.  I also love that these daffodils are blooming.  They were here when we bought the house eight years ago, and this is the first time they have bloomed.

Day 87 - Something white

Day 88 - Give
This little cutie gave me great pleasure for a few minutes when he stopped to say hello.

Day 89 - Zen
Anywhere by any water.  This is the St. Mary's River.

After three months of taking a picture every day, the thing I've learned is that the more pictures I take, the more I need to learn!  I've taken hundreds of photos and only a handful have turned out the way I wanted them to.  But I am truly enjoying the process.  I'm learning to take my time and be patient, to check the camera settings before taking the picture, and letting go of perfection.  I'm getting out of the house and meeting some interesting people on my outings.  It's been a good three months!

xo Annette xo

276.  spring
277.  blooming daffodils
278.  watching grandpa and granddaughter interact
279.  warm breezes
280.  conversations with strangers


  1. It does open your eyes when you are out looking for the right the Spring growth happening around your place.
    Happy Easter.xx

  2. WOW...look at all those birds! What a cool shot!
    And I love the little smiling chihuahua :)
    I've been enjoying your journey the last 3 months :)

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  4. Oh! I am so happy you are honing your skills and enjoying the process. You have such a natural talent and I love seeing your photos!

  5. I think your photos are perfectly beautiful Annette. The daffodils look so pretty, wonder why they took so long to finally bloom?

    I've been contemplating taking a class on photography but am intimidated by the thought of getting into stuff like F stops and shutter speeds etc. When things get too technical for me, it makes it less fun and enjoyable.


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