Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday I share what I'm thankful for.  Sometimes it's a serious or big thing, and sometimes it's a goofy or small thing.  I believe that no matter what is going on in our lives, there is always something to be thankful for.  Always.

Do you know anyone who always has drama going on in their life?  Or someone who it seems just can't catch a break?  Or someone who is so busy going in so many different directions from sunup to sundown, that you wonder when they sleep?   When I encounter people like this, I'm very grateful for my quiet, ordinary life.  I've had the drama and the extreme busyness and I'm much happier without it!

I'm also thankful for
     *  new recipes to try
     *  my tea in the morning
     *  Sunday afternoon drives
     *  Cadbury creme eggs!
What are you thankful for today?
Have a great Thursday!

xo Annette xo


  1. I will be happy to get back to my quiet ordinary life after my husband gets better!! I totally understand what you mean, because we lead a simple, uncomplicated and quiet life - which is just the way we like it.

    This week, I'm so thankful for all the support from family, friends & co-workers, both verbally and in person. It helps to know so many people are there, willing to step up and do whatever they can.

  2. Me too, Annette! A little excitement now and then, but not on a daily basis!!

  3. Huh? What? It's Thursday already?? I think I am one of those people you mentioned - at least lately!
    I am thankful for a good night's sleep and warm weather predicted for the weekend.

  4. I'm giggling to myself, you should see the stash of Cadbury Creme Eggs in our fridge right now, the males in our house are addicted, lol :)

    I have always been a pretty laid back person too. I have NEVER understood how chaotic people's houses would be in the mornings (esp. when we did carpool) Our house was so ZEN, I guess we all took responsibility for what needed to be done and were organised about it :)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

    P.S. LOVE the photo :)

  5. I am with you and everyone else. I have had my time with drama and schedules and kids and, and, and...well you know. I love not having to work right now. I make my jewelry, crochet, read, enjoy my birds and life in general. I too though am waiting for my hubby to heal from a broken leg...and with the COLD here in FLORIDA...I am getting a bit of cabin fever...but that is changing! My continued goal is ZEN. We all need it in our golden years!

  6. I couldn't agree more! One of my goals is to live a drama-free life! I much prefer the quiet :)

  7. I'm with you Annette! I love my peaceful life and I would not trade it in for anything. Lovely photo!
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