Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blizzard 2009

Yesterday was spent watching the snow fall and blow around, wrapping gifts and setting out the Christmas village.  My little piece of Maryland sees 1-2 inches of snow a year and this morning I measured 13 inches on my patio! 

Today the sky is an icredible blue and snow is falling off the trees and beginning to melt.  I should be digging out but I don't need to go any where so I'm in no hurry!

The village needs some work done.  Some of the buildings in the back need to be raised and I need to get extension cords to turn on all the lights.  It's a Thomas Kincaid village and if you know anything about him and his work, you know it's all about the light!

I do hope you are enjoying this weekend and not stressing too much about Christmas!


  1. Such beautiful pictures thank you for sharing!! Your Christmas village is so cool! If I ever decide to start one it's Thomas Kincade all the way for me now!!

  2. Love the village Annette ! We started The North Pole" village spelled North Pole and ran out of $$$$ . I spent like 6 months on ebay to find P for post office ! What makes us do these things ??? LOL

    We usually get slammed with the snow so I can't believe we got LESS then everyone !

  3. omg i love snow more than anything! i'm a canadian girl stuck in florida! sooo jealous. make a snow fort and sip hot chocolate for me!!


  4. I live in Virginia, so I'm right with you on the normal few inches of snow until this blizzard hit! It was lovely, but messy too!


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