Monday, December 20, 2010

Train Ride To The North Pole

When I went to New York City earlier this month, I wanted to go to Macy's to see Santa.  Not that I wanted to sit on his lap and give him my wish list.  No, I wanted to see if the real set-up was as elaborate as it is in the movies!  I wasn't disappointed!  We took a train ride to the North Pole and walked through the village to see the jolly man himself!  The train didn't actually move.  When we walked through the door, it looked like the inside of a train car and the floor rumbled so it sounded and felt like we were riding the train!  The next door we walked through was our stop at the North Pole!

Have you visited Santa yet?

Happy Monday!!!


  1. OH WOW!! Thanks for sharing this and the pictures are great. Wish I could visit something like that and take the boys along too. They would love it.

  2. That looks like so much fun. My boys would love it

  3. What Fun!!!! Thanks for taking us along with you on your visit to see Santa

    Janet xox

  4. Annette, these are great. I LOVE it :)

    I really what to go see Santa now.

    We used to have something that special here at a local Dept. store until Macy's came and bought it and stopped it completely real train ride and all. I can't go shopping at Macy's it isn't the same, oh do I sound HUMBUG........uh oh! Better play some Holiday music that will cheer me up (He! He!).

    Have a lovely day, T :)


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