Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking a Break

As I was toying with the idea of taking a blogging break during the month of August, I came across this idea of posting picture posts for the month.  It's like taking a break but still being present in blog land.  You can read more about it and join in here.

Back in April, I closed my Etsy shop.  I was frustrated with Etsy for the way they were changing things without any kind of notification or explanation of the changes.  After my cooling off period, I've come to the conclusion that Etsy really is trying to help us, the seller, so we can be successful with our business.  At the same time, Etsy is doing what is best for Etsy as a company.

During this time I sort of lost my motivation to create.  Until I made an apron for a friend last month, I had no interest in sewing anymore.  Since then, I have made a couple of other things and have so many ideas for projects.  So during the month of August I plan to focus on creating and open my shop back up in September.  I'm pretty excited about this because I realized how much I enjoy being part of the Etsy community.

You might not read much from me this month, but I will still be here and still reading and commenting on your blogs!  I will leave you with this photo for today.


  1. Hello Stranger!

    I feel like I have missed so much while I have been gone! Between being in NY for 2 weeks and being bedridden last week, I am so out of touch.

    I totally feel your anguish about Etsy.....I feel very swallowed up there. It is so hard to get noticed with the hundreds of thousands of shops. I have also noticed it is not always an even playing field either...they have their favorites...the big money makers.

    I think a break is good for the soul...enjoy!

    your friend,
    Janet xox

  2. Hi Annette!

    taking a blog break sounds like a good idea to me! Enjoy...and enjoy creating :)
    best wishes,

  3. I feel the same way! I have some new (old now) bags I can't bring myself to photograph....ugh..can't sew, can't write..I hope this changes soon! Good luck on reopening your store. All things considered, Etsy is probably the best thing out there. Hang in there, just enjoy what you are doing, for you! oxoxo

  4. Have a great blogging break - and have fun creating!! We'll all be here when you get back :)

  5. I agree that Etsy is becoming a bit annoying with all the changes. I will just finish updating my shop for one change then another pops up. I feel like I'm getting behind with nowhere in sight to get ahead.

    As for the picture idea, love it..

  6. I know your sentiments exactly!! And I feel your words too! Bloggings so time consuming and sales are hard to come by for everyone right now I think. Many people are feeling what you and I are feeling. Your creations are really beautiful Anette. Is your Shop on your page..I dont see it? I want to look at it again. Big huggs xxx

  7. Enjoy your blogging break time, and creating lots of new pieces for your new Etsy shop!
    Everyday Inspired

  8. Bravo to you for taking a break and following your muse! The sewing break renewed your creativity and I'm sure a blogging break will do the same. Have FUN!

  9. After creating that lovely apron for Patty I can easily see how you'd become inspired again. Maybe it was the summer heat that lulled your muse into a nap but that wonderful apron perked her right up again. :)

    Yes your thoughts will be missed but sounds like you'll be keeping us happy with your pretty photos. Looking forward to your return, until then enjoy the blogging break. :)

  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Annette. Isn't life cyclic nature just amazing?

  11. Joining you for The August Break, I can totally relate to Etsy's changes and it's impact on us sellers. I am currently taking a hiatus this season as I work on evolving where I'm going with everything - sometimes you just need to stop, unplug and regather your true direction... Good luck with your 'time out' and let the creative juices flow...

  12. I'm enjoying visiting the "august break blogs"...there's a few out's a nice chance to see some cool pics. Love the pop of color this one gives!

  13. Firstly my apron is ridiculously fantastic!!! I love it.

    Second I too am a little worn down and closed my shop just not to have to deal with it for a month.

    I'll be keeping my eye out for ya! XOXO Enjoy your time off!


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