Friday, September 2, 2011

National Sewing Month

Where did August go?  It's September already and that means it is National Sewing Month!  If you check out the website, you will find great sewing projects, discover how to buy a sewing machine, and find information for the 2011 sewing contest.  You can also view the entries from the last two contests.  I've decided to enter the contest this year, but I'm not sure what I will make yet!

To celebrate National Sewing Month, I will post a sewing tip at the end of each blog post.  Please feel free to leave your own sewing tips in the comments or email me and I will use it in a blog post.  You can read the sewing tips I collected last year here and here.

I have lots to tell you in future blog posts and look forward to getting back in the groove of blogging.

Sewing tip:  Invest in a good pair of scissors for fabric and use them ONLY for fabric.  They will get dull and nicked when cutting other things and then will not give you a clean cut on the fabric.

Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Great! I didn't know there was a thing like sewing month!

    Your tip is essential and so true. My mother always kept a separate pair of scissors for fabric and now I do too!

    Nice to have you back.

  2. Sounds like fun!
    So true about the fabric scissors, therefore I keep mine locked up at the end of the day - just in case someone might confuse them with the regular old scissors!

    My tip: use extrafine steel pins when sewing thin fabric to avoid permanent holes made by normal pins.

  3. Sonya, thanks, it's nice to be back!

    Duni, thanks for the excellent tip!

  4. Great to see you're back, looks like you're all rested up and raring to go.

    I USED to have a pair of scissors dedicated to fabrics but somehow they've been used for "other things", now I need to find another pair to keep in my sewing cabinet.

  5. Glad that you're back!

    I totally agree on the "sewing" only scissors...they get so dull otherwise. My family knows not to touch my good sewing scissors! :-) We have designated paper and homework scissors because I used to have to replace them far too often.

    Looking forward to more tips!!

  6. Welcome back Annette! When I was growing up it was like a cadinal sin to use my Mom's sewing scissors for anything except fabric. She eventually got a pair of left-handed scissors and passed hers on to me and I continued the tradition with my own kids. Everybody knew to keep their hands off momma's scissors. Several years ago my husband gave me brand new swanky scissors for Christmas and I retired the old ones to paper crafting. I use them daily and still feel slightly naughty when I cut a piece of paper with them.


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