Friday, September 23, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

It's been so gloomy and dreary lately.  The problem with that is it affects my mood in the same way.  I have no energy or motivation and find my self  being very unproductive.  I hope the gloom lifts soon.


  1. I love rainy days, but living in So Cal we don't get too many, so its a nice change. I can imagine though if its a regular thing, it could get kind of old, really quickly.

    Growing up in Canada with long, extremely cold winters I can relate.

    I love your photo...very soothing looking.

    Hope you cheer up soon. :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Annette. It's been like that all summer long over here. My mood lifts though when I look through my stash of decorating might want to check out Pinterest. Lots of inspirational and uplifting photos on there :)
    take care and I hope the sun comes out for you soon!

  3. I kind of like gloomy days, but only when I don't have do a lot of stuff. The best way to enjoy a gloomy day is laying around and doing a whole lot of nothing.

    Until the sun comes back enjoy the down time.

    Everyday Inspired

  4. ::nodding head:: Yep, I getcha completely. I'm the same way - the weather really affects my moods, and for the past few days it's been nasty, rainy and humid. Not a good combination! Here's to better days ahead :)

  5. Hello Annette,

    Try to look at the positive side of the rain...because of the dry summer, our leaves will not be as colorful this Fall.
    See....we need the rain!

    cheer have a box coming in the mail!!!!!!

    Janet xox

  6. Send some rain our way - we desperately need it! In the meantime, I hope you can make your own sunshine :)

  7. I know exactly how you feeling, my dear, and it hasn't even starting raining here yet (but it will tomorrow :(

    I LOVE your shot of the beautiful sunset. That cloud formation is amazing, we had one like it last year and I just sat there mezmorised by it and afterwards I thought, "I should have taken a photo of that" Duh, I can be so blonde sometimes (He! He!)

    I absolutely love the bag you made, what a special gift and how creative :)

    I am so lazy sometimes that I tell people to buy their own gifts and I will wrap them, LOL

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)


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