Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

xo Annette xo

75.  lotion
76.  blue sky
77.  March


  1. I know we are all tired of winter but hard not to love a picture like that. It belongs on a Christmas card!!

  2. HA!...I was thinking the same thing as looks like a Christmas Card!
    Very beautiful :)

  3. A stunning winter photo! I must agree with the others, definitely should be a Christmas card.

  4. Beautiful! I agree that it looks like a Christmas card. You should print your cards for next year through Shutterfly or such, using this lovely photo.

  5. So pretty but so chilly :)

    Oh, I have to tell you, I was going thru the Pottery Barn Kids catalog the other day and there was a little Girl who looked so like Shylee I had to take a double take, then I was wondering? She looked so like your little one :)

    Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

  6. Gorgeous photo, Annette!
    Love the bokeh in the background :)

  7. What a lovely photo Annette! I'm sure those plants wish the snow was gone as much as I do :)
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