Monday, February 9, 2015

Photo A Day Week 6

I got behind this week and had to play catch up in one day...not fun!  Life gets in the way sometimes and you do what you have to do.  It will probably happen again before the year is over!

Day 33 - Mail
This was happy mail.  One of two orders I placed on Etsy and it came just in time for this prompt.

Day 34 - Water
I don't know how many pictures I took of a water splash that didn't turn out.  I finally just took this up close shot of water in a fancy glass.

Day 35 - Reward
My reward for walking past the bakery and candy aisle without buying something.

Day 36 - Something blue
Last summer I got new glasses.  I didn't pay attention to what brand or designer they were, I just liked the way they looked.  When I went back to pick them up and they pulled the Tiffany blue box out of the tray I was a little surprised.  By the time they showed me the glasses case, pouch, cleaning cloth, and certificate of authenticity, I was laughing.  It's probably the only thing I will ever own from Tiffany's!

Day 37 - Makes me smile
Annie makes me smile every day...even when she turns away from the camera.

Day 38 - Stripes
In my dining room.

Day 39 - In my bag
There is nothing exciting in my bag.  But it's colorful and makes me happy!

I hope you have a good week.  
xo Annette xo

240.  an old friend finding me on facebook
241.  Downton Abbey tea from Sean
242.  common sense
244.  a weekend with Shylee


  1. Lots of wonderful photos today! LOVE the laces and buttons plus the pink tulips! Annie looks cute even from behind :)
    The upclose shot of the water glass looks interesting!

  2. WOW!!! I'm loving your images :) You know the abstract artist in my was riveted by the water glass shot, brilliant :)

    I LOVE that your dining room has yellow stripes and a red chair rail :)

    Oh A, I had to giggle when you were talking about your Tiffany Glasses because I have a pair of candlesticks from Tiffany and I will never throw away the boxes or the ribbon, they are all wrapped up as if I just picked them up at the store in the original Tiffany Blue shopping bag, except the candlesticks are in use in the dining room :) I know I will never get another Tiffany box or bag again, so they are almost as precious as the candlesticks, lol :)

    Have a lovely week, cheers, T. :)

  3. What fun mail!
    And those tulips are so pretty! They have me yearning for Spring even more!
    Loved your comment about common sense :) I'm grateful for this too!!

  4. Annette, you never cease to amaze me with the images you notice to fill the prompts - like the stripes in the dining room. Perfect!


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