Monday, February 23, 2015

Photo A Day Week 8

Day 47 - From where I stand
It looks cold out there.

Day 48 - Routine
My daily routine was messed up because Michael was working at home.

Day 49 - Bedside
I was staying in a hotel this day and the bedside isn't very interesting.

Day 50 - Fresh

Day 51 - This is so me

Day 52 - Matching
Shylee's matching hat, scarf, and gloves

Day 53 - Macro
My favorite model, again.

It was so nice to go spend time with my girls and then bring Shylee home for the weekend.  I could have done without the below zero wind chill, but it is still February after all!

Have a fabulous week!

xo Annette xo

249.  that I can decide on a whim to pack a bag and go see my girls a day early
250.  seeing Shylee happy
251.  the wind stopped blowing
252.  knowing I'm loved


  1. AwExonerated thT we could have the same prompts yet have completely different Ve how cold it all looks when we are in hot hot your thankfuls too. Xxxxx

  2. That last comment was so messed up...awesome was what it should have

  3. Love the macro shot of Shylee's beautiful eyelashes! Great close up of the orange too! Of course I'm drooling at the sight of those shabby chic fabrics :)

  4. Love love that macro shot!!!
    I know you are sick and tired of the cold and snow but the view from where you stand is sure pretty. My favorite thing about snow is the way it absorbs the sound and makes the world so quiet and peaceful.

  5. Haha...Jesse's vacation days mess up my schedule too!
    Love the eyelash shot :)

  6. A chilling but lovely shot of the snow. I feel for you all out that direction (though it *IS* pretty darn cold and snowy in Colorado today... but ours usually melts pretty quickly).

    Lovely shots of Shylee, oranges and delicate and dainty things. Your photo skills continue to floor me and warm my heart.

  7. it does look cold there, but Shylee looks like she's having some fun (the tongue is a cute touch - LOL)


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