Saturday, March 14, 2015

Photo A Day Week 10

I am so late with this post.  The week started off with a migraine that continually got worse before it got better.  Then we unexpectedly had Shylee for the weekend, which wasn't a problem, but Michael ended up at the emergency room on Sunday for almost six hours.  Taking photos wasn't exactly at the top of my list!  Michael is now seeing a chiropractor for torticollis.  His neck and shoulder muscles seized up, causing severe pain.  I had never heard of it until this week!

Day 61 - Part of me
I thought of many different things for this prompt, but I kept going back to Sean and Erin.  They are forever and always a part of me.  I went back through the archives for this one since I don't have a recent one of the two of them together.

Day 62 - Open
The pantry door doesn't latch completely closed and pops open more often than not.

Day 63 - Geometric
Shylee's step stool

Day 64 - Out the window
This is the view from the bedroom window.  And I really hope it's the last snow of the season!

Day 65 - Remedy
The same view the day after the snow.  The sun and blue skies were the remedy for the winter blues.

Day 66 - Sweet
I think a sleeping child is the sweetest thing.

Day 67 - Young
The red bud tree Erin gave me last year for Mother's Day.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and everyone is well.  We tend to take that wellness thing for granted sometimes.  I know I do anyway.
xo Annette xo

262.  temperatures in the 50's
263.  running errands without a coat on
264.  unexpected weekend with Shylee
265.  thinking ahead and taking stuff to keep Shylee occupied at the emergency room
266.  caring nurses


  1. Sorry it has been a tough week for you.....your pics you gathered are great none the less.....being under the weather just takes the fun edge of everything....that's been my week too. Xxx

  2. I could not agree more! a sleeping child is such a wonderful sight. When my girls were still little their little snores were so soothing to me - put me at complete inner peace. I hope that is the last of the snow! I spent the afternoon chipping the ice from the walk. It was 2-4 inches depending on how shady the spot was. Ay yi, yi ... that was a work out!

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  4. apologies - I seem to have sent my note twice :)

  5. I hadn't heard of that either! Hope he feels better today!
    Lovely picture of Erin and Sean and the snow does look better with blue skies :)

  6. Oh my goodness, I hope you and Michael are both feeling better by now. Some sunshine help, for sure!

  7. Oh no! I hope you and Michael are both feeling better!
    And I hope you're about done with snow as well. The weather has been just beautiful here and I'm loving it!
    Red bud trees are by far my favorite. I hope you'll share with us when it blooms :)

  8. Hope you and Michael are doing better now :)

    I agree a sleeping child is the most adorable and your Shylee is so cute :)

    Hope you get to do some sewing this week, cheers, T. :)

  9. Hope you have no more migraines and that Michael will never experience another episode of torticollis (which I had never heard of either).

    Love the photos of Sean and Erin and especially of Shylee sleeping like a little angel.


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