Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday

My husband and I find ourselves at the stage of life where we have aging parents who need help and extra care.  I'm thankful that one of my sisters is close enough to my parents to help them out.  Michael lives closest to his dad but is still 450 miles away.  He goes to his dad's for a week at a time once a month.  I'm so thankful that he is able to do that.  I'm thankful that Michael is willing to go, that his job allows him to work from there, and that he is a patient man.  I've learned a lot about aging these last few months and I'm not looking forward to getting to the point where I need help and someone else to make decisions for me.  I won't dwell on the future though.  I'm thankful for the here and now!

I'm also thankful for:
     ~ a brand new sharp kitchen knife that actually cuts
     ~ the rare morning that Shylee comes in the bedroom and gets in bed and snuggles
     ~ being safe at Panera during a tornado warning
     ~ the quiet stillness early in the morning
     ~ my mom is going home from rehab today
What are you thankful for today?


  1. Great is really hard to be everywhere for everyone...especially ageing parents . I am sure you are both doing a fantastic job at being their for there needs as much as you are able...that is where families work at their very best. Xxxx

  2. having some medical issues and i am thankful for my husband who holds me when I am scared of what lies ahead.

  3. Wow, a week out of every month is daunting. Michael is a keeper!
    I love reading your lists and being reminded of all the little blessings we have each day.

  4. Hi A. :)

    You really do inspire me to look at the things to be grateful for and not be dwelling on the challenging ones (although they are numerous right now)

    Our children grew up without Grandparents around (both K. & my parent's had passed or were in sheltered care when they were born, sad really)

    I'm sure Michael is happy he is able to spend time with his Father :)

    Wishing you well, cheers, T. :)


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