Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Finds

Today's fabulous finds are two shops from Etsy!  With all the snow, cold, gloominess and cabin fever, the items in these shops can brighten your day!  They are colorful, bright and will bring a smile to your face!   

Gotmojo features 'silly, sassy signs and stuff'.  The handpainted signs covers everything from work to family to pets.  Other items in the shop include colorful art pins.  The tropical ones will remind you that there really is life beyond the snow!  Here is what you will find at gotmojo.

Getmojo is the newest shop and offers tile magnets, jewelry and other fun stuff!  This is what you will find at getmojo

Paula is the artist behind these shops and is also my friend.  We met through work and although we have both left the job, we continue to stay in touch.  Her personality really comes through in each of her creations.  Here is what Paula has to say:  
                         My love of crafts probably began with winning a ribbon in Washington state at the Walla Walla county fair at an early age for my Winnie-the-Pooh painting. I enjoy trying new crafts and the ability to let my imagination be the guide on different projects.
I believe in incorporating color and fun into my crafts and I hope they will brighten your day!

And I hope you have a fabulous Friday!!!!!!


  1. So....I'm not usually into the signs that say funny things...but that poopy face one is pretty great!

  2. What fun to have a friend with such a fun sense of humour :)

    Duly Hearted :)

    Thansk for sharing, Have a wonderful weekend and hope the snow leaves soon, T.

  3. gotta love the Poopy face comment ;-)

  4. Great shops you found! And I love the funny sayings.

  5. I like the 1st one the best! Just yesterday I was telling my mom that I have gray hair (I'm 25!) - she says: join the club! I'm getting old & it's not very pretty.
    Missed you too Annette :) My word for this year was "balance" - I'm getting a taste of what that word means lately.
    Have a great weekend!


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