Monday, February 1, 2010

Mish Mash Monday

It's Mish Mash Monday again!  Here's what was going on this past week.

I made this dish towel dress for my Etsy shop and decided to keep it for myself!  I actually had quite a few problems with it and the end result just wasn't something I felt I could sell.  So now I have my very own dish towel dress!! 

I had a tooth pulled on Thursday and I hope I never have to do that again!  What an ordeal just to keep me calm enough to numb my mouth!!!!  I am a baby when it comes to the dentist and this visit was no exception.  You can read about my last visit here

I think these bookends are just awesome!  I got them from the Etsy shop Adirondack Metal.  They make the coolest signs, bookends, hooks and other fun items.  Now I'll be able to keep my reference books within reach of my sewing machine!

I've added a new feature over to the right.  "The recipe file"  is a list of recipes I've shared in past posts and I've included a link to each one.  Let me know if you try one of the recipes and how you like it....or not like it!

There's a giveaway over at Devon's Quiet Corner!  If you love pink, you'll love this giveaway!!  Head on over there to see how to win and what the fabulous prize is!

That's all for this edition of MMM.  Have a marvelous Monday!!!


  1. The dish towel dress is just toooo cute! LOVE the red :) The bookends are amazing!
    Thanks so much for joining MMM!

  2. That dish towel dress is fantastic! What a great idea. Did you come up with the idea from scratch or did you get inspiration from something you saw?

    Those bookends are great. Such simple design :)

  3. Bethany, a friend told me about seeing them in a gift shop and I decided to try making one!

  4. That's awesome. I love the execution :)

  5. Loving the bookends! And I hope your tooth (or lack thereof) feels better soon.

  6. Oh, sorry to hear about the tooth, yep, I am totally off dentists these days.

    Love the little dish towel dress, the colours are so pretty :)

    Love your Monday read :) T.


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