Monday, March 15, 2010

Mish Mash Monday

Happy Monday to everyone and welcome to another edition of MMM!  I hope y'all remembered to set your clocks ahead over the weekend.  I'm so excited that spring is coming. Changing the time means it won't be much longer!!!!

I discovered a new Etsy shop via one of my favorite blogs, My Life Under the Bus.  The shop is Anita Begley Jewelry Designs and her jewelry is beautiful!  I really want these earrings!! 
One of my favorite things is shopping for fabric.  We live in a rural county and are fortunate enough to have a JoAnn's but it is small and limited in selection.  So I was thrilled to discover a quilt shop in the next county!  I walked in and thought I was in heaven!  I was surrounded by the largest selection of colors and patterns and I was in awe!  One of the employees walked around the corner to ask if I needed anything and I couldn't even speak!  She just smiled and said, "Oh, I see you're in your happy place"!  Because I was so overwhelmed, I only bought one yard of fabric and made these placemats.  I can't wait to go back there!
We left the quilt shop and went to Borders where I was further inspired by the projects in these magazines.  I'm just itching to get started working on the new ideas I have!
Thanks to Audrey over at Audrey's Country Crafts for sponsoring MMM.  Please visit her and check out the chicken recipe! 

What puts you in your "happy place"?


  1. Happy Monday to you too :)

    Love the bright colours and design on the place mats :)

    Gorgeous earrings to they really pop in that pic.

    Have a great day, T.

  2. I love going to yarn stores...and book stores...both put me in a happy place.

  3. Ooooo...those earrings are gorgeous...the color of the ocean!

  4. Ohhhh happy place for me would be Borders or the bead shop but I could certainly walk thru a fabric store and not be disappointed ! Aren't those earrings the bomb ? I like them too. Happy Monday : D

  5. Beautiful earrings. And GREAT fabric - I love the colors.

  6. Ooo.. those ARE gorgeous earrings. I think I'd have a hard time taking them off! :)

    What puts me in my "happy place"... a Barnes & Noble outing WITHOUT the kids, WITH a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks & plenty of home decor magazines & books.

  7. Love the earrings and the placemats :)
    Magazines are a bad habit of mine - just can't seem to have enough.

  8. I love the fabric for the placemats! So fun and summery!


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