Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring At Last

The first day of spring was last Saturday and I was out of town with limited time on the computer.  So today I will officially welcome my favorite season of the year!

Farewell winter.....

....Welcome spring!

The landscape becomes full of color and life after being dead and dull for so long.  The birds are singing and building nests, the days are longer, and I can get away without wearing a jacket!  I just love it!  Spring also means that summer is almost here!!! 

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday and are able to see and enjoy the signs of spring!!!


  1. Lovely pics! I am so excited to move on to warmer things... =) happy Tuesday!

  2. Happy Tuesday Annette !!!
    Do you already have bulbs ??? I am so jealous ! Sooooo happy to see winter go...he had better not try and sneak back in ! XO, Patty

  3. This year especially seems like spring would never get here. I am wearing 'summer' one day and 'winter' the next but I'm not complaining. Just happy it's here.

  4. Patty, yeah, I have bulbs....all the pics were taken in my yard! But I'm further south than you are!

  5. WOOHOO for Spring! I can hardly wait till the grass is green and I can start mowing! Saw my first Robin today - so it's now official! Winter is over!!


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