Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Gates at Sotterly

Gates fascinate me!  I don't know when the fascination started but I can remember taking road trips when I was a kid and when we would pass one, I always wondered about it.  If it was closed, I wondered why.  What or who were the owners of the gate keeping out (or in).  If it was open, I wondered where the road led to.  Most always the gate was across a dirt or gravel road that would take you to who knows where or what. 
On Mother's Day, we spent the afternoon at Sotterly Plantation, where I wanted to work on my photography skills.  These are the pictures I took of just three of the gates at Sotterly!

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  1. I really like the top one!! Have always wanted something like that, but just don't have any place on my yard that it would look like it fit in.

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    What a nice blog you have.

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  3. I love gates too! Nice collection of pictures, the top gate is very cool, I always wanted a gate like that with flowers growing on it.

  4. Great pictures!
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  5. These are great shots. I Love the wrought iron one with the flowers in the background.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend, T. :)

  6. Stopping in from follow Friday! I love that iron gate! Gorgeous!

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  8. The first reminds me of something Jane Austen. The last remind me of something you tell your husband and he misses the point. Haha - Honey I'd like a fence along there with a nice gate. It'll keep the kids in the yard . Hahahahaha. : D

    Happy Weekend !


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