Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom....Never Give Up!

Have you ever watched the process of a two year old learning something new?  It's fascinating.  The determination and resolve they have is something that comes natural to them at that age.  I have watched my granddaughter time and time again go through the process of mastering a new skill, and frankly, I want to be like her!

Shylee never gives up!  She might get frustrated and throw something, or walk away and do something else, but she always come back to the task.  That doesn't mean she masters the skill in a day.  It might take several days or weeks, but in the end she is triumphant and proud of herself.  Then it's off to something new! 

What a lesson for us grownups to learn!  When you are working hard to reach a goal, you're going to get frustrated.  You might try throwing something if that happens, but I recommend walking away and doing something else for a while.  Come back to the task at hand and know that as long as you don't give up, you're going to reach that goal.  Also know that it might not be today or tomorrow but next week, next month or next year.  The point is to not give up.  That is what today's quote is about.

Life is too short to trudge through it depressed and defeated.  You are never defeated, nor can you be defeated, until you give up.  There will always be unforseen obstacles in life.  Never give in and never give up.    ~ Ray Lammie

It took Shylee umpteen tries before she got out of that laundry basket!  It then took just as many to get back in and do it all over again!


  1. Amen! nothing more to add!!!

  2. Well said! She is such a darling ;-)

  3. What a sweetie!!
    I'm grabbing the quote - it is definitely one to remember.

  4. Kids in general are so much better then adults at perseverence. My youngest just pretends everyone says "Yes" to EVERYTHING.

    To older brothers, " Who wants to play with me ?".........
    Reply, *crickets*
    To older brothers," Ok ! I'm coming !"
    LOL !!!

  5. It is true, if we give up what is the point :) T.

  6. Sometimes I have to back into something. When I get writers block I have to stop and approach it from the reverse side and it usually works.


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