Friday, July 9, 2010

I Love Summer

I've read some blog posts recently talking about how crazy the days of summer are.  Some people can't wait for fall just to get back in a settled routine.  NOT ME!

Although spring is my favorite season, I love summer and here's why:

I get more done in a day.  I guess because of  longer daylight hours
People seem happier in summer (it's a fact that more sunshine = less depression)
I can cool off easier than I can get warm
The freshest fruits and veggies at roadside stands
Everything is alive and color is everywhere
Ice cream tastes better
Cookouts and picnics
Watching the sailboats on the river
I would much rather put up with the inconveniences of summer than put up with
the inconviences of this:

Do you love summer?


  1. YAY! For Summer :)

    It is by far my fav. time of the year, the hotter the better (no humdity though! :)

    I'm with you on everything above too!

    Have a wonderful Weekend, T. :)

  2. It's hot enough here right now that I am LOVING the snow photo! LOL
    The beach isn't for me, unless I can sit in the shade with a book and my MP3 player :)
    I do enjoy summer, but don't mind winter either.

  3. I'm a fall kinda girl. Maybe it comes from growing up in a place where it was pretty much summer all year round (Hawaii). Not to mention, here in Texas, all summer means is hot, hot and "have I woken up on the surface of the sun?" hot. Fall, especially the falls I spent in Boston, means cooler weather...but not too chocolate, stylish fall wardrobes, beautiful fall leaves and rich fall colors. Of course, I'm an October baby so maybe it's in my blood!

  4. Now I understand why I like spring the best (explained by AlyGatr) I was born in March. I do like warm weather but not over 80's, unless I had a pool, then I wouldn't care. I like to be able to wear tanks and skirts and sandals. I also like cool weather wear, except I hate wearing shoes! It always throws off the wardrobe. LOL!

  5. I hate to say it, but right about now I'd do nearly anything to take a quick roll around in that snow it is soooooo hot here today Lol!

    I found you on the over 40 bloghop, hope you will follow me back :)

    I have a bloghop each Thursday with a giveaways link of items with a value of $25 and up, would love to see you there!

    Have a great Friday!

  6. Summer is not my favorite season, but you have some potent arguments why it should be, especially that one about fresh fruits and veg. In college I had a roommate who loved every season, she was always happy whatever the weather. Whenever I'm tempted to complain that it is too hot/cold/dry/wet/icy, I just remember here great attitude and try to live in the moment and be grateful for what I have.

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  8. Yeah Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally with you on this ... I love summer for all the same reasons! :)

    I just popped over from Java's Follow Friday. I'm following you now and look forward to more inspiring posts - like the Tortilla Soup recipe which I can't wait to try. Sounds great and I love the pictures you used to illustrate how to make it.

  9. I love summer, but I must admit it's third on my list of favorites: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter. I'm the opposite of you in that I can get warm easier than I can cool down ... and with no A/C, that makes summer a bit uncomfortable at times. Of course, I'm from the mountains, too, and kind of enjoy snowy weather. :o)

    Have a happy day!

  10. Hmmm summers tough with all the kids home. I loves me some fall. School starts, colors are outrageous, it's cooler and nights are pretty awesome - you can sleep with the window open.Oh and don't forget HALLOWEEN !!!!

  11. hooray for summer! even though fall is my fave time of year, i also really like summer... the sun, the fresh veggies and fruit, vacations... hooray! ;)


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