Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet Me On Monday

I was at a loss as to what to write about today and I remembered this meme form Never Growing Old.  So in case you wanted to know more about me, here you go!!

What one food could you eat every single day?

I enjoy so many different foods I can't imagine eating the same thing every day!  I might could eat soup every day if it was a different kind every couple of days. 

Do you wear glasses or contacts?

I've worn glasses since I was in fifth grade.  I've tried contacts over the years but I had so many problems with them I gave up on them. 

What kind of cell phone do you have?

I have a Droid Eris.  It's a love/hate relationship! 

What did you have for dinner last night?
Marinated boneless chicken breast cooked on the grill, baked sweet potato and roasted broccoli.  I would still want variety but I could eat anything cooked on the grill (charcoal) every day!

What is your favorite candy?

Godiva chocolates!  Especially the one that is a ball of hazelnut chocolate between two clam shells!   This is something that is a once in a while treat.  My go to chocolate is Hershey Kisses!  Now there's something I could eat every day!!  I just don't like dark chocolate!!

Have a marvelous Monday!!!


  1. Hello, hello, hello. Weezer here. So glad to have had you stop by and visit me....and now a, too, of you! Looking forward to getting to know you...never been to Maryland, as far as I know.
    I would love so much to be able to looovvvve chocolate but I know better. It just doesn't agree with me. So I'm hooked on gummy bears instead. Pretty tame!
    Soups? Love em! Especially great home-made stuff.
    Hope you're having a great day...even for a Monday.

  2. Hello Annette! So happy to know you a little bit better now ;-) Have a wonderfully creative week!

    Janet xox

  3. Ha ! I think I have a Hate/hate relationship with my phone UGH !!! Love me some soup too : )

  4. I could eat soup every day too :) Unfortunately the rest of the family doesn't feel the same.

  5. That is funny you don't like dark choc neither do I :)

    And Godiva Chocs are my favs too but only for a very special treat once every few years :)

    My fav is the coffee truffle or the orange truffle, ok any of the truffles :)

    Have a lovely Monday, T. :)

  6. LOL I cracked up at the love/hate relationship with the phone too funny. I too love soup! just started this year to be brave and make some homemade ones.

  7. I am a milk choc. kinda girl all the way! It's great to meet you! Have a fantastic day!

  8. I could eat pasta every day.
    I wear contacts. I got my first pair of glasses in 5th grade. Big ugly brown frames my mom picked out. I got bright blue ones in 6th grade. I thought they were an improvement, but I look at the pictures now and I look ridiculous. Well, they're still better than the ugly brown.
    I don't own a cell phone. But I would love an iPhone.
    I had pancakes, eggs and sausage last night for supper.
    My favorite candy is probably Charleston Chews all flavors.

  9. I gave up on contacts, too. Everybody tells me they're SO MUCH better now... Oh well, they're inconvenient for me. Glasses can be on and off as I please.
    There are SO MANY good soups, so I'm with ya' there!! Especially cream based... (You know, the ones that are more fattening!! No WONDER my SHAPE is ROUND!!)

  10. Can you hand me a napkin? I'm drooling on my keyboard...over your Droid and the thought of Godiva chocolate. MMMMM.

    For the record, I hate my glasses. I didn't wear any until my Sr year in high school and it was all downhill from there. If I had faith that someone wouldn't mess up and make me blind, I'd totally sell a kidney to have Lasix so I didn't need to wear them anymore.

  11. I love soup too! I love your phone and your dinner sounded delicious!

  12. I believe I could eat potatoes every day, in all the different forms -- baked, fried, mashed (my favorite), etc. All but sweet potatoes, which I hate. Blech.

    I'm with ya on the milk chocolate. I'm not a huge chocolate eater, but when I have it, it must be milk.


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