Monday, September 13, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you were totally relaxed and stress free AND at home?  It's rare that I feel that way without going somewhere to get away from it all, but this weekend was one of those rare ocassions for me.

Sean and Erin (our son and daughter) and Shylee came down on Saturday to celebrate Michael's birthday.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed for the Patuxent River to spend the afternoon.  It was 78 degrees, breezy and low humidity.  In other words...perfect!  And there were no crowds to get in the way!
We ate, played on the playground (Michael got some quality grandpa time), walked on the beach and enjoyed each others company!

Sunday was another perfect day because I spent it in the sewing room creating and learning how to miter corners! 

Sneak peek of things to come


  1. Happy for your quiet weekend, but no fair giving us a blurry sneak peak at what you are working on!

    Janet xox

  2. What a wonderful weekend. I think I see sand and maybe other beachy things in your sneak peak (or was it just left over from the wonderful photos?)

    Hugs - Marie

  3. What adorable photos and what a wonderful day you guys had :)

    Shylee is so cute and I love her hair, soft curls, so pretty. :)

    Sounds like you had the perfect week!

    Have a lovely Monday too :) T.

  4. Great pictures of Shylee !!! Those birds look like they are lined up for a buffet - I wonder if they eat the jellies ??? Gaaaaa ! I am awful at REALLY awful.....

  5. What a lovely weekend you had! Ours was fairly relaxing, but no picnics. I miss picnics, might have to find an excuse to go on one :)

  6. That little Shylee is beautiful! Looks like a perfect weekend.

  7. It sounds and looks like a truly perfect weekend. Love the photos and, as always, the adorable Shylee!


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