Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Went To Charleston SC

To celebrate our thirty second anniversary, we went to Charleston, South Carolina.  What a treat that was on so many different levels!  We stayed at a beautiful B&B and did a lot of walking, shopping, eating and driving around.  The highlight of the trip was seeing our friend, Linda, who introduced us and we haven't seen since 1988!   It was also nice to be in a warmer climate for a few days!

There will be more later!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


  1. morning Annette,
    My big brother lives in SC and he has promised to show me around Charleston this spring. I can't wait, I have always wanted to see that beautiful old city. Love your photos!

    Janet xox

  2. What a wonderful trip. Charleston is a beautiful old city with lots of southern charm.
    Happy Anniversary!

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Congratulations, happy anniversary! :D The photos you took are beautiful. Glad you had a good time and escaped the winter for a while!

  4. How FUN! I have a friend there. I'd So love to visit and now you are making me feel like I need to :)

  5. beautiful photos, and a bright blue wonderful sky that day too.

  6. Wonderful photos! I've always wanted to visit romantic and stately! Congrats on your 32 years! Wow...that is truly inspiring.


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