Monday, April 21, 2014

Tea Party

I was so happy to have Erin and Shylee spend last week with us.  It's always fun to have them visit.  We shopped, fixed new recipes, watched movies, ate dinner out, and ended the week with a tea party.  We were working on Shylee's good manners so we can take her to Tea By Two now that she is old enough. (the tea room only allows children six and older)  She was enthralled with that for all of three minutes!  In spite of that, we had a fun time and I wish they could have stayed longer.

Have a great week!

xo Annette xo

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  1. What a lovely tea service, looks like such fun. I still cannot get over how much Shylee has grown, she is getting to be quite a little lady . . . please tell her to slow down because the next thing I know, you'll have photos of her in high heels getting ready for her first prom.

  2. Oh What fun :)

    You know I am a BIG Tea Party girl :)

    I am so glad my "kids" have always enjoyed going out for tea with me even the boys :)

    It is such a special thing, so glad you guys get to be tog. :)

    Have a lovely evening, cheers, T. :)

  3. Oh how sweet! I know just exactly what you mean. My little 9 year old grand has an agenda that is all her own.

  4. A Tea Party! How lovely!!!
    Shylee is getting prettier every day :) I love that little green pot and tea cup :)


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