Friday, August 8, 2014

Focus On Life Week 32 ~ Fresh Air

Our theme for August is "outside" and this week's prompt is "fresh air".  We've had a very mild summer.  It's been hot and humid but nothing like it usually is.  By August, the grass is turning brown and everything just looks dry and tired.  Not this August.  Everything is green and the flowers are still beautiful and full.  My crape myrtle tree is fuller and lusher than ever.  I never get tired of going out front in the fresh air and seeing this beauty.

I missed last week.  We've been having internet problems for the last few weeks and I'm just now getting caught up with blogs and blogging.  The prompt last week was "outside the box".  I took it literally and snapped a shot of the lace I took out of the box trying to find just the right piece.

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I hope your weekend is everything you want it to be!
xo Annette xo

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163.  finding an unexpected treasure
164.  lunch with Erin on the water
165.  looking through old photographs and reminiscing


  1. Wow, what a tree!! And I love your outside the box photos :) Erratic internet is very frustrating, isn't it??

  2. Two lovely pictures for August. Glad you solved your problems!

  3. What a pretty tree! I have a huge weigilia tree that is the same colour and has blooms most of the summer.. not that many now! Your lace box reminds me of some of the boxes and drawers that I have!

  4. Wow, your myrtle tree is a real treasure. And the composition of your photo is really nice, with the fence behind it and little gate off to the left. It just says "beautiful countryside" to me. Glad your internet connection is back up and running. At least you had some lovely weather outside while you were waiting for it to resume!

  5. Beautiful photos. I love that crape myrtle tree. They don't grow so well here in Kansas.

  6. Oh my goodness, your crape myrtle tree is absolutely gorgeous - I would not ever get tired of seeing it either! (or photographing it!). Love your lace - looks so pretty. Lovely textures that I just want to touch. :-)

  7. Your crape myrtle tree is gorgeous. I saw a lot of those when we were in California and need to investigate to find out if they will grow here in Portland.
    Oh, big pile of lace is a joy to behold!!

  8. Awwwww..your Crepe Myrtle is stunning! I have a pink one but not as lush as that one. I want one day to have yard of all the different colored crepes....And I love the lace.....How beautiful!

  9. Crape myrtle are so pretty! My parent's subdivision is full of them in every color! Glad to hear you've had lovely weather this summer :)

  10. Hi A. :)

    Your tree is so pretty and I love the shot of it :)

    What a fun lace photo too, just makes me want to make something girlie but I do so little sewing right now :(

    Sorry, you are having trouble with the internet, no fun, I'm in desperate need of a new computer, mine is so old and slow it takes FOREVER to get anything done these days :(

    Glad to see you back though :)

    Have a lovely Weekend, cheers, T. :)

  11. The Crepe Myrtle tree us amazing, I never knew they got that big. Also love the shot of your lovely lace collection, they are almost too pretty to use, but then again they are far too pretty to keep tucked away inside a box. :D


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