Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Dish Towel Dress, A Scarf and Shylee

Remember the giveaway I had for a custom dish towel dress?  I finally finished it and it will be in the mail to Patty today! 

I have to show you this gorgeous scarf I ordered from Babbidge Patch on Etsy.  The colors caught my eye, and I must say, it's more beautiful than the picture.  And it's so, so  soft....I love it!!!  When you get a chance, please check out the shop.  There are many more beautiful scarves and the cutest hats you've ever seen!

Erin and Shylee have been visiting for the past week and I'm loving it!  Shylee makes me laugh and I never get tired of just watching her.  She is happy and cheerful most of the time, but she can throw a heck of a tantrum too!

Shylee and her mama will be going home Wednesday and then I can focus on getting some more things made for the shop.  I'll also be working on my sewing room and I'll show you some of the progress I've made there. 

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. What a happy little girl! I love the tongue sticking out!

    Good luck working on the goodies for the shop.

  2. Love the "dress", the scarf is amazing!! Shylee is the cutest!! Maybe one of my boys will produce a Granddaughter one day - but not yet please.

  3. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet ! : ) XO, Patty

  4. Oh I love the dishtowel and the scarf is beautiful good grab,,and of course Shaylee is adorable..

  5. Annette, thank you!

    Wonderful blog and cutest little one!


  6. How absolutely adorable :) What a pure joy Shylee must be, oh I miss that age even the tantrums :)

    Beautiful dish towel dress and the scarf a lovely way to treat yourself :)

    Happy Tuesday :) Regards, T.

  7. Enjoy them :) Love Shylee's smile :)

  8. Such a cute dress... and such cutie kids too! ;)


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