Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Day At The Park

We had the privilege of keeping our Sweet Pea for a whole week while her mommy went to a convention in Boston.  We spent an afternoon at the park on the Patuxent River and I got to play with the camera!

Have you ever found a heart shaped rock?  I found one for the first time!

And then I turned around, looked down, and there was another one!

Grandpa's helping hands

It was a fun day with Sweet Pea and I can't wait to do it again!

Have you had a fun day recently?


  1. Those heart-shape rocks are amazing! You're soooo lucky! I have never been so lucky to accidentally find anything in heart-shape on the ground or sand!


  2. Beautiful photography ! I can see it would be hard not to get carried away taking pictures when you have such a gorgeous little angel to take photos of. She is beyond adorable.

    Love, love, love the photo of the gnarled and twisted driftwood stump, it has such character and you have a wonderful eye for your photo subject matter.

  3. Sweet pea is the cutest pea! Wow, you are a good photographer - enjoyed all of them. I am back after a long hiatus:)

  4. Love, love, love your photos! How amazing you found not one but TWO heart shaped rocks. That is so cool. Looks like you are having fun with your camera and with editing them.

  5. Sweat Pea is adorable, and the photos are fabulous. Looks like a wonderful day, and what a blessing to find a heart shaped rock, let alone two. Hub's found one and gave it to me while we searched for beach glass... it was a shell.

  6. Beautiful Photo's! She is such a sweetie - you must have had a wonderful time :)

  7. Annette, I am loving your new Banner :)

    Your shots of Shylee are gorgeous, what a cutie she is. :0 I love that you are exploring with your camera and finding heart shaped rocks, I am so jealous. All I am finding right now is rain.

    Have a lovely Day, T. :)

  8. What a wonderful day and wonderful photos! I have some Grammy envy as my little is pretty high maintenance and wears me to a frazzle and your day looks like a delight. Lucky girl!!!


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