Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring to Winter and Back Again

Typically, where I live in Maryland, we don't get much snow.  A couple inches here and there and that's it.  Last year was the exception with back to back blizzards, but this year was pretty typical.  We also very seldom see snow this late into March.  Yesterday was the exception to that!
Here is how everything looked on Saturday.

This is how it looked on Sunday!

By mid-afternoon, the sun was shining, the temperature was in the upper 40's and the snow was gone!  
It made for a very pretty and peaceful Sunday morning while it lasted.

How was your Sunday???


  1. Beautiful shots - hopefully spring is on its way

  2. Mother Nature certainly has been fickle this spring, she can't seem to make up her mind. Hm, wonder if she's going through menopause?

    Love your photos, they're gorgeous but I do feel sorry for all the plants that put forth such a splendid display of blossoms. My little lemon tree was covered in blooms, one could smell the sweet fragrance from many feet away...then the frost came and wiped out every single blossom. Well so much for fresh squeezed lemonade this summer.

  3. Funny, I wrote the same type of post today ;->

    We had the same weather!

    janet xox

  4. I live in North Virginia so it was much the same here. I was taking revelling in Spring one day and then there was snow the next. Thankfully it didn't stick around.

  5. Love the warm weather photos as well as those with an icy frosting courtesy of Mother Nature. Your photos keep getting better and better.

    Sunday here in Colorado was a chilly one. Started off foggy and cold, improved only slightly. But that's okay ... gave me a day to get some reading done since there was no expectation of accomplishing anything outdoors.

  6. Annette - it is freezing in NC - we had sleet this a.m. and it never got above 40 today. I love your photos - is this a new camera? Very professional looking.

    Hugs - Marie

  7. Oh my gosh! I love that peaceful "winter wonderland" look but I hope your garden is okay!! Here in Portland we are breaking records every which way, all the bad way. This is the first time EVER we have not had a single day in the 60s the whole month of March. Spring. Bring it.

  8. Wow!
    I love how you took pictures of everything before and after. They look great!

  9. OOOH! Nice shots girlfriend. :) T.

  10. That's been happening here, too! Ugh! I hope that the winter weather is finally over!

    Beautiful pictures. :)

  11. Gorgeous photography! I don't know what is up with Spring this year. On L.I. we had a peek at it and now we are back to weather in the 30's with heavy winds :(


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