Sunday, March 20, 2011

Silent Sunday ~ Super Moon

Not so silent again  today!  Last night there wasn't just a full moon but a "super" moon.  It was the closest the moon has been to the earth in 18 years.  As it was rising orange it was huge!  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me and had to wait til I got home to take pictures.  By then it was higher in the sky and smaller.  I had bought a new telephoto lens earlier in the day so I was trying to get used to it and the settings on my camera at the same time.  I guess they turned out okay, but I've got a lot to learn!

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. your photos are WAY better than my attempt at supermoon pics last nihgt, we are far off the horizon so I didnt see it until it was over the trees, still thanks for sharing the pics, that is what I was trying (and failing) to do.

  2. Wow! great pics, somehow I missed the whole thing?!?!

  3. Great pics! I also posted about the Super Moon today... one of my pics looks almost identical!

  4. You captured some beautiful shots of the Supermoon. Unfortunately where I live we're surrounded by trees and had to wait for the moon to clear the tree tops. It was lovely but much smaller once it gained elevation. I can only imagine how spectacular it must have been when viewed low on the horizon. :)
    I've given up on taking photos of things like the moon (with my Mickey Mouse camera it looks like a little street light viewed from 3 blocks away) and my neighborhood hawk (they are gorgeous birds but in order to get a close up of them - again with my Mickey Mouse camera - I have to be 5 feet away and they're not about to let me get that close).

  5. FABulous photos!! The clouds rolled in at my house and we missed the whole thing.

  6. Beautiful! (and I'm jealous of your telephoto lens!)

    I've been known to stalk the Moon, even on regular nights, so I was feverish about the Super Moon. However, Chicago's cloudy/foggy sky kept me from even catching a glimpse of her. :(


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