Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Heart Macro

This shot really makes me wish I had a macro lens!

I'm joining Studio Waterstone for I Heart Macro.  
Take a macro/up-close photo and join the fun!

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Awesome - you did really good without a macro! We love the colors!

  2. Nice capture! I love ladybugs! And yeah, a macro lens would be nice... someday... Just remember the person behind the lens is still the most important part of photography! :-)

  3. Beauty!!! We haven't seen even a Lady Bug yet! Hopefully she leaves you some Good Luck!!!
    Happy Sunday!!!...I had two cups of coffee...makes for extra exclaimation points....

  4. Wonderful shot and the colors are so vibrant!

  5. *that* is without a macro lens? it's lovely! (And now my 5 year old is playing lady bug... :))

  6. I love ladybugs...I have had one living near my kitchen sink since last Oct.

    I am constantly saving her from going down the drain ;->

    Janet xox

    ps...great shot

  7. Great photo. Still too cold here for ladybugs. Wishing it would warm up!

  8. It's a great shot, even without a macro lens. There's something special about these little red bugs with their tiny black dots, seems they are endearing to most of us (though I did know one lady who was deathly afraid of them, but then she seemed to be deathly afraid of a lot of things. LOL).

  9. that just makes me want spring that much more! that's a great shot!


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