Friday, November 4, 2011

The Good Fairy Flora

First, I have to apologize to those of you who were looking for yesterday's Thankful Thursday linky post.  After being out of town for a few days, we returned Wednesday afternoon and found we had no internet connection.  We were without it until Thursday night and I'm so sorry I wasn't able to get started this week.  I'll try again next Thursday and hope you will still join me!

After Wednesday's post of my granddaughter, there were some emails and questions about her Halloween costume.  So here are some more photos and explanations!

She was the good fairy, Flora, from Sleeping Beauty.  Flora gave the gift of beauty to the baby Princess Aurora when she was born.  My daughter Erin designed and made the costume.  I thought she had bought a pattern but she didn't.  If I had known this before Shylee was in bed that night, I would have taken pictures of the incredible details.

The hat is made of styrofoam and is not heavy at all.  The problem Shylee was having with it was that it wouldn't stay in place.  Every time she moved her head it would lean to one side or the other.  It wasn't long before Erin was carrying it!

The wings were made from a wire clothes hanger and shimmery gold stockings!  The only thing she didn't have was a wand.  But that's okay because Erin would have ended up carrying that too!

Erin dressed up too!

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!!


  1. She looks adorable!!!! I love Sleeping Beauty :D

  2. They both look great! Homemade costumes are the best :)

  3. Little Flora and her steampunk mama are delightful. Shout-out to Erin for doing such a great job with the costumes!

  4. I love the Sleeping Beauty movie...she did an amazing job with the costume. I always love the homemade ones, they beat a store bought costume anyday!!

  5. They both look so adorable :)

    It must make you so proud that your daughter has your talent for sewing and creating such beauty :)

    Have a lovely weekend, regards, T. :)

  6. Great post! They both look adorable!

  7. The costume looks so professional. Erin has some amazing talent there and I think we all know who she inherited that from.

  8. What an elaborate costume! I am amazed by the dedication of your daughter. Very, very impressive and you r lovely granddaughter looks like the cutest fairy!


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