Friday, November 18, 2011

White and Sparkly

I started some new projects this week and they are all white and sparkly!  This will be a lavender sachet made from a corner of a vintage hankie.

I also started making Christmas ornaments.  Originally, they were going in the shop, but I think they would make a nice thank you gift with orders.  Or I might just have to keep them for my tree!

The ornaments have been fun to work on.  I'm using cookie cutters for patterns and using wool felt that is so nice to work with.  And although I love the all white look, I'll have to make some with red and green just because!

What are you working on?

Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Ooh...these are GORGEOUS, Annette! The white, silver and pearls make for some pretty stylish Xmas decorations.
    Recenetly I was cleaning up my closet and discovered three vintage hankies!

  2. Love the ornaments, they really are pretty enough to sell and you should try listing a couple in your shop just for the fun of it. You might find you have a really hot item on your hands. :)

    Right now I have a number of projects sitting on my work table (well honestly they're spread out ALL over my work room), most of which are waiting for parts or just the right beads to finish them. This is the reason crafters end up with a supply store of craft items ... we are always needing something "more". ;)

  3. Those ornaments look great!! I think those would get snatched up in a flash from your shop!!

  4. What lovely ornaments! There's something so incredibly beautiful about an all white holiday decor... Love those white sachets too :)

  5. Oh what a perfect Christmas craft. I cleaned out my sewing room to get ready for some Christmas projects, but have not been inspired by anything. I have to really be struck and love something since I am so busy, or I will never get myself in there. These look perfect...white wool..yes.
    Thanks for your comments on my macro...your azelea is beautiful, especially for November.

  6. Oh Annette those are beautiful!!!That tiny tree!!! Love all the beading - You should put some in the shop!


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