Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finally Getting An Update

My daughter Erin has been visiting and I'm so glad she is.  She's giving my tired white walls a long overdue color makeover.   One wall is the above color...

...and the other three are this color.  I'll have better pictures when everything is done.  I love how warm and inviting these colors are without being overpowering.

And what would a paint job be without at least one accident?!  This is actually the least worst part of the spill.  We were planning on getting rid of the outdated green carpet, but not right away.

I got to keep Shylee entertained while her mommy did all the work.  I think I liked this arrangement!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Lovely warm colour on your walls now, Annette!
    Painting is my least favourite job when it comes to home decorating. I keep getting paint all over myself - I'd rather rip out the carpet :)

  2. Love that color I can't wait to see it done! Did you get the stain out? eeek!

  3. Love the colors on the walls - not so much on the carpet, ops!! Sounds to me like you and Erin make a great team.

  4. Those colors will brighten your room!
    And little Shylee is just too cute!

  5. Love the colors, especially the first one. What is the color and who is it by? We are going to be tackling our very 80's honey oak kitchen cabinets this summer and I was thinking a nice warm color like that would be perfect!

    Yikes on the spill, but oh well. Maybe it was a big hint to change out that carpet sooner than later. ;-)


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