Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hello Friends!  Every Thursday I share what I'm thankful for.  Sometimes it's a serious or big thing, and sometimes it's a goofy or small thing.  I believe that no matter what is going on in our lives, there is always something to be thankful for.  Always.

Today I'm thankful for the life I have.  I have my fair share of "issues" and problems, but generally life is good.  I've read so many blog posts recently about other people's problems that make mine pale in comparison.  It was a reminder that things could be so much worse than they are.

I'm also thankful for
     *  sunshine during the day and the rain at night
     *  a whole day to do what ever I want to
     *  silence this Navy jets flying over
     *  my new exercise bike

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Hi Annette,

    I agree totally. I'm so thankful that I can have my breakfast in peace sitting a the kitchen table before starting work (I used to have it on the train ride to work when I lived in the city)!
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. LOVE your new banner! It so perfectly suits you and your blog.
    You are rocking that new macro lens!

  3. Loving your new blog look!!

    Lovely things to be thankful for. Today I'm thankful to have a day off work. We just painted our kitchen and today I get to put it all back together - thankfully with my husbands help - he's taking the afternoon off work to help!! :-)

  4. So many small, yet important things to be thankful for.

    I recently took a headlong fall - face first - into a doorjamb (door frame?) . I always told my girls not to run in the house, I should have taken my own advice.

    The doorjamb didn't budge an inch, wasn't even faintly dented but I had a lacerated eyelid, banged up cheek and bruised my chin and both knee caps. Fortunately the eye was not damaged nor did I sustain any cranial-facial fractures, just a mild concussion and looked like I lost a boxing match with Mike Tyson. But I'm thankful as it could have so much worse. :)

  5. I'm with you, everyday I get up and go through my day is a good day.
    Everyday Inspired

  6. There are always things to be thankful for if we stop to think about it. you have 4 great points from your week here. Love your clover flower photo, clear and interesting.


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