Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Times They Are A Changin'

For our family anyway.  Sean is moving to Denver this week.  It's about 1525 miles away give or take a mile or two.  I've had a couple of months to get used to the idea but honestly, I'm not getting used to it.  Sean has been on his own for the last eight years but I feel like I'm letting go for a second time and this time is much harder.  How does a mama let go again?

Sean met a girl.  Her name is Marie and she lives in Denver.  Michael and I met her in March and we liked her instantly.  She makes him happy which makes me happy, but makes it only slightly easier!

We will be helping Sean move.  Marie is flying in to help and then we will hit the road and be in Denver sometime over the weekend.  A road trip with lots of time to think and prepare myself for the inevitable good-bye.

Have a terrific Tuesday!
xo Annette xo


  1. I feel your pain. How nice that he met someone you like as well. Hopefully you will be able to visit often.

  2. Awww...once a mama, always a mama! But, oh so nice that he met someone to make a life with and grow. Enjoy the trip and it's only goodbye til the next visit. :-)

  3. Awwwww... Take comfort that we live in the times we do. You can email and text to your heart's content and when you can't wait another minute for a hug there are airplanes. If road trips are your preference then imagine all the interesting stops you can make along the way! Hmmm... how many antique shops between Annette's house and Sean's house??

  4. I understand. It is SO HARD to be so far away from loved ones.

  5. Good luck with the move and the good-byes! I'm glad he has a nice girl :)

  6. Aww Annette I can't imagine (((HUGS))) set up that damn Skype!

  7. I'm with Patty on that one, if I didn't have skype I would never have been able to live with my son going off to England for college, or my Daughter living in San Fran or my other son going to college in Ohio :)

    Skype is what helps you make it thru :)

    Hugs to you and know that, if they are happy, you will be too, it is hard to let them go (I am going to have to do that next week and 2 weeks after that :(

    Have a lovely time in Denver, enjoy the trip my dear :) T.

  8. I understand how you feel I dropped my daughter off at school last weekend, and every year I always miss her so much. Be happy that these days we are able to text, call and Skype all the time, making it easier to see our loved ones more often.
    Everyday Inspired


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