Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Part of No Didn't She Understand?

Dear Readers,
Have you ever shopped at Kohl's?  It's one of my favorite stores and I enjoy shopping there for clothes, housewares and accents.  I had an experience there this past weekend that had me very close to walking out in the middle of checking out and never going back.

Erin and I went shopping for Shylee's fall and winter clothes.  And because I can't go there without looking at clothes for me, there were a couple of additional tops and a sweater!  In other words, I had a HUGE stack of clothes and it was going to take a while to check out.

As I began laying the clothes on the counter, the conversation with the cashier went like this:

Cashier:  Ooh, I guess you'll be using your Kohl's charge today.
Me:  No.
Cashier:  Really?  Do you have a Kohl's charge?
Me:  No.
Cashier:  Would you like to open an account for additional savings?
Me:  No thank you.
Cashier:  You could save a lot more money with a charge card.
Me:  No, I don't want a charge card.
Cashier:  Okay, I guess you're not a saver.  I like saving money.
Me:  Silence, but thinking, 'did she really say that?'
Cashier:  Can I ask why you don't want a Kohl's charge card?
Me:  Because I don't want a credit card.
Cashier:  Says she understands but goes into how Kohl's is a company dedicated to saving customers money and if I'm going to have a credit card it should be from Kohl's.
Me:  looks at Erin and rolls eyes.
Cashier:  If you had a card, you would get additional coupons.
Me:  Oh, I have a coupon too.
Cashier:  What kind of coupon?
Me:  20% off the total purchase.
Cashier:  Implies it's probably expired.
Erin:  It's not expired.
Cashier:  Well, are you sure?  Most people don't realize...
Erin:  It expires today.
Cashier:  Okay, you don't have to get so serious with me.
Me:  Shakes head and thinks about leaving without the clothes.
Cashier:  Will you be writing a check?  (She's still ringing up items)
Me:  No, I'll use cash. But I'm thinking, 'because I don't need your cuss credit card'.

So we finish up and then it's Erin's turn.

Cashier:  Will you be using your Kohl's charge today?
Erin:  No.
Cashier:  Do you have a Kohl's charge.
Erin:  Yes but I'm not going to use it.
Cashier:  Okay, okay, I'm not trying to aggravate you ladies.

Really?  Do you think she could have realized she was aggravating us just a little sooner?

I don't have a problem with asking me if I would like to open an account.  I realize that's part of their job and they get a commission for each application they get, but I don't appreciate being badgered and talked down to.  I came so close to telling her I changed my mind about buying the clothes and walking out.  And I thought about reporting her to the manager.  I'm still thinking about reporting her.  I don't want her to lose her job, but no one needs to be subjected to that.

What would you have done?  I'm anxious to know how someone else would have handled it.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

xo Annette xo


  1. So frustrating! I hate things like that.

    I know sometimes they are required to ask, so ask, but when the customer says "no thank you", leave it alone. It's the pushing it on you that I don't like.

    I hope you got a good deal on all your new goodies. Kohls does have some really nice things and I find quite reasonable prices.

  2. I would report her to the manager and tell them they need to train their people better and not to talk down to the customers or badger them. They need to know they almost lost a big sale because of this.

  3. I'd let the manager know how you were treated. Probably better now rather than in the heated moment. The cashier sounds like a real nut job.

  4. Ugh...I hate pushy cashiers! They're asking for donations at the grocery store right now and I've already donated like 5 times, so yesterday I said "no thank you". The cashier gave me a look like "how rude, you're not going to donate."
    I handled the situation much like you did...keep the peace and just get out of there!

  5. I agree with Outofmymind. I think it should be reported because if management is driving it by giving them quotas or something they should be aware that those sales tactics could be losing customers. They should be able to tell who the cashier was from the information on your receipt. There is likely a transaction number or something similar.
    Kohls should appreciate that you like their store enough to go to the trouble!

  6. I hate high pressure sales, too.

    But if you report her, she's more likely to get a commendation from her boss than a reprimand. Employees of big box stores are under TREMENDOUS pressure to meet unrealistically high goals for promos like credit cards, warranties, etc. Although the cashier may have crossed the line, she was probably desperately trying to keep her low-paying job.

  7. If the cashier had said....
    Cashier: Okay, I guess you're not a saver. I like saving money.

    My reply would have been....
    Me: Actually I *AM* a saver, that's *WHY* I don't have a credit card, or any credit cards for close to ten years now.

    But that's just from my own personal experience. We have run into this a number of times. People are always astounded (dumbfounded) when I tell them we got rid of all our credit cards ten years ago. We don't have even one card. Nothing.

    I don't know that I would tell the supervisor/management about the pushiness of the cashier, but the thought would definitely cross my mind.

  8. Oh Annette, I so would have let her ring out the whole purchase, and then just said, "Whoops, forgot my cash!" And walked out. Perhaps the next day I would have gone back, or more likely, called and complained.

    I *hate* high pressure sales and walk will literally walk away if someone says more than "Hi!"

  9. Oh my, that is awful. I've never ran across anyone like that at Kohl's before. Sure they always ask about the credit card but when I say no they leave it at that.

  10. Sorry, you had to endure that :(

    It seems like EVERYONE is pushing credit cards these days, I am worried that things are going to end up the same with C.C.'s as did with the housing market. :(

    You know my energy level isn't very high, so if I do go to a store, which is rare, I have to just buy the things I need and leave, I have been in stores where for one reason or another people have wanted me to wait or have been annoying and I have just left the building but I always will call the manager afterwards, I know it might sound mean, but I believe that these people are in CUSTOMER SERVICE and that is what they should be doing and not making us feeling grateful that they are there.

    I am turning into a really old grump, LOL!!!! :)

    Actually, I was way more aggressive and vocal when I was younger (He! He!)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

  11. That is a tough one. I hate pushy cashiers and when I say no I mean no. My daughter always says I'm mean, but sometimes you have to stop them in their tracks.

    I do understand how hard it is for them. My daughter used to work retail and with most of these jobs getting people to sign up for credit cards has nothing to do with commission (because they don't get any), but about keeping their job.

    Hopefully your future visits will be a lot more pleasant.

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