Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Actually Made Something!

Dear Friends,

Last December was the last time I did any sewing since injuring my knee and then having surgery.  The sewing room is upstairs and I avoided going up once I had come down each morning.  That was okay for many months, as I didn't have a desire to do much of anything.  But slowly the desire was coming back.  I started buying fabric online and visiting the fabric stores.

Although I had big projects in mind, I knew I needed to start small.  I'm really glad I did, because even though my knee is doing better, it was still difficult to do the standing and getting up and down from the chair.  If I had started with a big project, it may not have gotten finished and I would have avoided the sewing room a few more months.

Last October, I was one of three lucky recipients who received some fabric from Janet at The Empty Nest.  There was a particular princess fabric that was perfect for Shylee but I had no idea what to make.  Well, Shylee will be starting dance class and needed a bag to carry her slippers and other things in.  So I made a tote bag.

The princess fabric is heavy but I still wanted to line it, and I wanted to use what I already had.  I went digging through my stash, which I forgot is taking over quite substantial!  I found this sweet kitten toile that I forgot I had and it worked perfect.

I'm so happy with how this turned out.  Maybe what I should say is that I'm happy I finally created something after so long.  It was quick and easy and I think I could tackle something bigger and more involved now.  Something like a jacket for Shylee or a quilt for the sewing room.  Stay tuned!

I'm joining JAQS Studio for Made by Me! Wednesdays.

Keep smiling and keep creating!
xo Annette xo


  1. So sweet!! Love, love, love that fabric!

    And yes, probably good that you started small - you forget how much getting up and down there is involved with sewing. cutting and ironing. Don't want to overwork your knee. :-)

  2. Annette the tote is absolutely adorable. The Princess theme is ideal for any girl (young or old) and the lining you chose is perfect - has the same storybook, whimsical feel about it and the color is a lovely match.
    Shylee will be overjoyed with her new tote and will be the envy of all the little ballerinas in her dance class. :)

  3. Yay! I'm so glad to see you getting back into your creative space and Shylee is going to adore this!!
    I just ordered my grand a pair of those Sketchers princess spinner shoes for her birthday. Little girls do love to dance.

  4. That's so great you're back to creating! Shylee will love her new bag! I'm excited to see what you'll make next!

  5. Oh, what a sweet little bag - Shylee is going to love it! And I love the fabrics :)
    I can't stay away from my sewing machine long, but I get what you mean with all the getting up and down, over to the ironing board and back again. There's a lot of movement involved while sewing!
    Looking forward to your next wonderful creation :)

  6. The bag is absolutely adorable, I'm sure she loves it. thanks for your visit and nice comments!

  7. Super cute tote, Annette! Starting small was a good idea, now Shylee will get a new tote and you are ready to do more projects. Have fun sewing!
    Everyday Inspired


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