Monday, October 10, 2011

Not One But Two Packages On The Porch ~ Blogtoberfest Day 10

Happy Monday, friends!  I had a wonderful weekend with family, celebrating my son's birthday that is this week.  It's been a while since we were all together so it was a fun time.

I told you last week about a package waiting for me on my porch one day.  A couple of days later, there was another one!  Yes, two packages in one week.  I can't tell you how excited I was.  Both of them contained fabric, so how could I not be excited?  I entered two different fabric giveaways and won one of them.  The one I won was hosted by Maureen from Maureen Cracknell Handmade.  One of her sponsors, Moona Fabrics, was giving away some of Anna Maria Horner's Hugs and Kisses fabric from her Loulouthi collection.  This is what I won.

Isn't it just gorgeous?  It's so pretty to look at, I don't know if I can cut it!  I have some ideas about what to do with it, but nothing has been decided yet.  I think I need to just enjoy the cheerful colors for a little longer!

The second box of fabric came from my long time bloggy buddy, Janet, from The Empty Nest.  Janet had a giveaway on her blog for a gift certificate from a fabric shop.  I didn't win, but  Janet chose three lucky ladies to receive some fabric from her personal stash.  I was thrilled that I was one of the three.  If you have seen anything she sews, you will understand my excitement!  There was beautiful decorator fabrics fun juvenile prints, and a princess fabric that screamed Shylee's (my granddaughter) name when I saw it.

Doesn't that just make you want to be a little girl again?  Shylee loved it and thought it was a blanket!  I'll have to figure out something extra special to make her.

I have to say, that was a good week!  I will be sure to share with you whatever these beautiful fabrics turn out to be!

What have you been excited about lately?


  1. Ooooh, I love getting goodies in the mail! What fun fabric :)

  2. How fun...I love packages...especially fabric ones!!

    I forgot you had won Maureen's giveaway...gorgeous, can't wait to see what you make.

    And the other fabric...omg too cute, your grand daughter will love whatever you choose to turn it into.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Packages on the porch are one of my favorite things! Have never received any with such gorgeous fabric inside, though. Lovely stuff!

    My excitement was last week, when my daughter and two grandsons were here. This week: recuperating!!

  4. Love the Hugs & Kisses fabric! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  5. Since Shylee thought it was a blanket, maybe you should make her an old fashioned comforter. My Grandma used to put what was called a "sheet blanket", back then, in the middle for the padding and then just tied embroider thread knots every 3 or 4 inches instead of quilting it. I'm sure there is some real name for them but I've not heard it. A tied quilt maybe?? They had a wonderful cozy feel to them, not to thick, not too stiff....
    Love the Xs and Os fabric, too!

  6. How many beautiful fabrics! Isn't it the most exciting to get packages in the mail!

  7. we're getting packages ALL the time b/c of the baby soon to come!! :) i do LOVE fabric!!

  8. Congrats again on the giveaway win! I can't wait to see what these fabrics become!!!

  9. Lucky you! Both packages contained beautiful fabric, I hope you enjoy creating lots of fun stuff.
    Everyday Inspired


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