Monday, October 17, 2011

Point Lookout ~ Blogtoberfest Day 17

At the southernmost tip of Maryland's western shore is a peninsula formed by the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River.  It's known as Point Lookout.  We spent Sunday walking around the park and enjoying a mildly warm albeit windy day.

This is the Potomac side.  That is a lighthouse on the left and is not in use anymore.

This is the Bay side.  It has much less beach than the river side, but has a couple of fishing piers.

While on the Bay side we found deer tracks

While on the river side we saw deer.

It was fun to come across this while walking on the beach before the tide washed it away.

The park is full of pine trees.  Pine cones covered the ground and reminded us of the time we lived in North Carolina.  I brought a couple of them home, but I might have to go back for more for holiday decorating!

What kind of fun did you have over the weekend?

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! I wish I lived closer to water :)

  2. Beautiful photographs, thank you so much for sharing!! I love the beach, so calming and relaxing!

  3. Beautiful photos!! What a lovely way to spend your weekend.

    We did our annual pumpkin patch visit...always fun!!

  4. How beautiful! On Saturday morning we saw a deer family - a mom with three white-bottomed babies. So sweet! And somehow makes you feel alive and close to reality. The smell of pine cones, the sea, the wind, ah... amazing!

  5. Great photos! It was windy here too Saturday. I thought I was going to get blown over!

  6. What wonderful photos! I love the rock message :)

  7. You've just reminded me that everything in nature has a beauty of its own! Fantastic shots!

  8. These photos are beautiful .... I love photos of the water, the beach. I especially like your last photo of the seagull. It all looks so relaxing and nice. Must have been nice just wandering around looking at all of this.

  9. You sure did get some beautiful pictures! I'm curious as to what kind of camera you have? They are so crisp and clear.

    BTW...I love lighthouses!

  10. Looks like it was a beautiful and relaxing day. What a great collection of photos. I had a show over the weekend and am so tired I am still trying to recover.
    Everyday Inspired

  11. What a lovely location, even the deer like being there. And yea for nature's gift of free pinecones, they do make for wonderful holiday decoraions.


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