Friday, October 7, 2011

Sewing Room Happenings ~ Blogtoberfest Day 7

Happy Friday, dear friends!  I know it may be Saturday for some of you, so wherever you are I hope you're having a wonderful day.  After running errands I will be working in the sewing room.  Here's a sneak peek at a project I started yesterday.  I won't tell you what it is, because I have to save something to show you next week!  Isn't she pretty?

Here's another gift tag.  I'm really enjoying making these.  I've been looking for Christmas cookie cutters to use as patterns for some holiday tags.  Last year when I was ready to make cut-out sugar cookies I couldn't find mine.  I still haven't found them and I haven't found them in stores yet.  In the meantime, these are fun.

And here is a set of lavender sachets.  I really like the gray and yellow color combination.  These are plain and simple and will be sold in a set of three.   They smell so divine!

I've set the target date of October 18th to reopen my Etsy shop.  There is so much to do before then, but I'm panicking excited and trying to stay focused! 

Are you working on anything exciting?  


  1. Annette, I love it all! The tag has a christmas-y feel to it which I love!
    Oooh..and that rose fabric and lace *swoon*
    Excited to see what you made from it!

  2. Loving the yellow & grey sachets...that color combo is great! I'm sure they smell wonderful.

    I have a "flip & sew" Thanksgiving table runner that I'm working on, about 1/2 done, but it's not a very relaxing project, a lot of up and down out of the chair and back to the ironing board...I think that's why it's taking me so long to finish it up. I'm off work today, so maybe I'll try and tackle it.

    Really loving your gift tags!

  3. Gorgeous pictures. Have you got an Ikea close? They've normally got some good cookie cutters.

  4. LOVE the set of three sachets stacked like that and the fabrics are beautiful. Looks very sophisicated!!

  5. You really have been sewing up a storm. I'm sure you have to take a break every so often to let your sewing machine cool down. :)
    I love the cabbage rose patterned fabric, it goes beautifully with the lovely lace. So very feminine together.

    There is something perfect about the combination of gray and yellow together, it is a very sophisticated look.

    Hope your cookie cutters show up soon ... if you go out and buy more you can bet that the next day you'll suddenly run across the lost ones. :D

  6. Oh, I so love that little tag! And grey and yellow, what a magnificant combination! Can't wait to see your shop :) What am I working on exciting? Uhmmm....nothing ;) Just undid a pendant that wasn't working!

  7. So cool!! I love the yellow and grey. So pretty


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